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If  NN is violated, to optimise profits someInternet access providers demand the right to block or slow down Internettraffic for their own commercial benefit.1 Internet access providers are notonly in control of Internet connections, they also increasingly start toprovide content, services and applications. They are increasingly looking forthe power to become the “gatekeepers” of the Internet leading to  violation of democratic system. Private companies police their users’ connections tocensor what they guess may be unwanted content leading to autocratic effect onthe digital economy. Some politicians call for Net Neutrality and demandfiltering or blocking for law enforcement purposes at the same time.

However,it is a paradox to create legal incentives for operators to invest inmonitoring and filtering or blocking technology, while at the same timedemanding that they do not use this technology for their own business purposes.The critics say the move is against the interest of the consumers and favoursbig corporate companies 6.Does Monopoly intelecom industry trigger an Autocratic effect on Indian economy? The telecom industry in India started as a monopolistic regimecontrolled by the DoT and gradually transformed into an industry flooded byprivate players. Today it is in an era of consolidation and may likely seeexistence of only few players and if this indeed happens then the industry mayhave literally come a full circle.

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India is “potentially” moving towards a market with limited competitionand feared that it may turn into a “monopoly”.18            With ample safeguards provided in Indian constitution, there exists an idealenvironment where there is no scope for autocracy.  And goPARADOX COUNTRY… In theworld’s largest democracy, 55% of people feel autocracy is good for governance.A surprisingly large section of Indians believe their country could do betteran autocratic government.13

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