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Topics to cover in our story book: clean water – don’t use river water, water from puddles, etc! It IS contaminated and may contain cholera-causing bacteria that will make you sick. Don’t use charcoal whenever you can, use LP gas if possible! Why? Remember this tree…

with the swing… you could climb it, sit under it for shade, play on it, hide beneath it’s roots, etc. But charcoal is made from the destroying this trees.

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.. and all these trees. When too many trees are cut down, animals (which ones? have no place to live, and water ashes away the soil that would have been caught in the roots of the trees, then the soil contaminates the waters on your beaches, and the fish can’t live! That means you won’t catch as many fish when you go fishing! What do trees do? Trees are beautiful, provide shade, stop soil eroision, Maybe we can include other science topics that realate to the environment that way our books can be useful in teaching Just science in general..

.FROM CALVIN: Monica- We would be happy to accept and distribute the coloring and story books. We have roughly 800 elementary students. The books need to deal with the Eco problems in Haiti- such as deforestration from charcoal production. And using clean water instead of river water for drinking. Many of the issues that are important in the USA are not applicable in Haiti. For example, conserving electricity is not meaningful in Haiti, as most of the people have no access to electricity. And no running water.

Solar panels are in Haiti in limited supply, but everyone loves them. The way to combat deforestration is to encourage everyone to cook with LP gas. Thanks! Blessings Calvin Monica- it looks likea good project to me! In regards to the deforestration, your text implies that it has gotten much worse since the earthquake, which is not accurate. The earthquake has not had a significant impact on the trees- they were all cut down in the years prior to the earthquake, and continue to be cut down since the earthquake.

It is interesting that you use the fishing analogy, since the eforestration has created soil erosion, which when the rain comes, the soil washes into the sea, destroying the inland fishing. So, to catch a fish, you have to go way inland fish were wiped out by the muddy water. You can email me your book, and I am happy to look at it.

THanks! PS I used to be a real estate developer (when there was a real estate market), and I always tried to save as many trees as possible. When I go to Haiti (like last week) and see big old trees still being cut down for charcoal production, it makes me sick.

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