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 ICT known as Information and Communication Technology are commonly used around us in our everyday life. ICT helps us in lots of way and have made our lives even easier than before. We use ICT in business because it is really essential to increase the proficiency level of the of workers and business .Anyways, what does ICT even stand for? ICT – Information and communications technology (ICT) refers to all the technology used to handle telecommunications, broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions” ( Definition from Techopedia (2018)). These technology includes the smartboard that are taught in school, millions of emails that are sent everyday, countless phone call made in a day and other more.  ICT can help business in a certain way to cut cost and speed up their efficiency level and produce an outstanding result while utilizing the most out of the given time. When comparing the amount of money to hire an individual to complete a task and  submit it before the deadline may be costly,however if we are compare it to technology, a smaller business can be scaled out using less human resources. ( Ramey 2012) An example written from Ramey :”For retail inventories, they don’t have to employ more people to manage and keep track the number of inventories. All they have to do is to use database systems which can be accessed remotely. This will make inventory data more accessible to whoever needs it with in the company. This will cut off delays in delivery of this information and makes the work. (Ramey 2012)” Now from ICT, we know that a company can use technology to avoid spending over the given budget. It can also be done even more accurately and using a short period of time to deliver the results.Communication is the key leading to a successful company, team work makes the dream work and being in a company is all about collaborating and coming up with new, innovative ideas and now ICT have allowed us to communicate and discuss with colleagues or even negotiate with buyers who are interested with your business. An example is that interested customers who have never been to your company  are able to contact the customer service department that are equipped with a computer, through email or even live chat in the exact same time . (Business Vibes, 2016). In the meantime, ICT can provide ongoing training ” Companies spent huge amounts of money sending employees to seminars and workshops to further their job-related training, money was spent sending staffers off to a remote seminar or bringing in experts in the field to conduct on-site training  (business vibes) “. However with the drastic increase of telecommunication and live conversation, employers can now afford to have their learning session online and in an internet based devices which makes it convenient and cheap for the company.  Overall, ICT are really helpful for businesses and do help in improving the efficiency and saving the company’s money. I am certain that it would bring positive impacts towards businesses. Thank you.

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