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I have been a student at Florida InternationalUniversity for 4 semesters, and through the span of my stay in Miami, Floridaand going to school at FIU I have developed progressively than I thought Iwould. I had taken different English courses over the past years because I aman international student however I knew precisely what I was out to accomplish .Experiencing the English program did show me more stuff about writing. I nowknow how to compose words and make it possibly for a reader to understand whatI am saying and know how to respond to questions based what the questions are.I have been someone who thinks a lot, butthroughout my coursework this has helped me greatly sharpen my criticalanalysis skills. I usually like to challenge myself to research more about whatI am writing to make sure the information giving is off the right reason. Also,by reading different books and novels by well known authors all over the worldit has helped learn how ti identify good writing skills and styles that enhancesmy writing too, this really made me understand how why writers write in acertain way to express a specific emotion in which they aim to attain.

Lookingback at my freshmen essays and high school essays I can tell the difference,after and before been active with reading books now. It can be said that I havenow learnt how to type good essays, which really took my writing skills to abetter level. Writing has been one of myqualities, however it was upgrading from my high school way of writing that Iaimed to achieveThisEnglish course showed me how intense composed word can be. Words tell farbeyond a story. Stories talks about existence and the human condition, theyraise the past and individuals and societies that are a distant memory.

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Writinginstructs about the self and the world encompassing the self. From theseclasses I noticed about how the world, its kin and its history through writingI figured out how we as people are altogether related in somewhere. Byexpounding on what we realize and additionally what we trust, we are figuringout how to communicate.

Irealizedthat my ability to compose and express my thoughts, considerations andinformation has developed more grounded every semester but this semester I wasable to express more due to over time practice and reading of differentmaterials from different places . I have dependably attempted to put my musingson paper in a way that is sound and right as per assignments. The classes whichI have taken over the past couple semesters have really helped  me to shed that negative behavior pattern butrather write better essays with better reasoning and in a better structuredform. I feel certain that I could compose a paper about most anything and knowhow to refer to and organize it appropriately.


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