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I n the other hand the term waste define commonly found in such documents as dictionaries, encyclopedia, technical unwanted material or substance that is left after you have used something” (p.1612). This means that when something or substance is no longer in use it can be referred to as waste. Maurice (2007) also defines waste as “the unusable material left over from a process of manufacture, the use of consumer goods, or the useless by-products of a process” (Maurice, 2007, P. 2345).
According to Abduli and Nasrabadi (2007) however provide a more elaborate definition of the term waste. The concept of waste embraces all unwanted and inexpensively unusable by-products or residuals at any given place and time, and any other matter that may be discarded by chance or otherwise into the environment. Abduliand Nasrabadi (2007) further suggests that what constitutes waste must occur in such a quantity, concentration, constituency or manner as to cause a major modification in the environment. Thus, apart from waste being an unwanted substance that is surplus, the amount of it and the impact it makes on the environment also become important considerations in defining waste.

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