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I firmly believe that university is the next step for me to
progress into an accounting career. I have been impressed by the depth of
courses available as well as the vast range of workshops and societies that are
available to students, all culminating in a qualification that will give me
entry into a highly respected profession. 
I am particularly keen to undertake a work placement to help prepare
myself for life after graduating to greatly improve employability prospects and
to assist for when I become immersed with real life business situations.
Ultimately, I feel that this course will provide me with knowledge and experience
to enable me to thrive in the working environment and am confident that the
transferable skills that I have already taken on board will be developed

For several years, I have used part of my summer holidays to
raise funds for charities in the U.K and Africa. I have done this by organising
stalls and activities at local fairs and have been responsible for marketing
charities during the shows with display boards and flyers. This experience was
extremely beneficial and further supported the development of my interest in
finance and money management.

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Aside from studying for my A levels, I have also secured a part
time job at McDonalds Plc, a multinational fast food franchise. Working at McDonalds
as a crew member, I have learnt a lot about their operations and about managing
time. My experiences have furthered my understanding about topics in my current
subjects. For instance, in business studies, the importance of topics such as
corporate social responsibility, customer service, business ethics and growth,
standard costing, supply chains and quality control.          

Throughout my life in education, I have had to balance time
playing for the school sports teams in football, rugby, tennis and cricket
whilst also focusing on my studies. The highlight of my experiences in school
sports was winning ‘sportsman of the year award’ in 2012/2013. This was
followed by considerable success in representing the Hull Boys Football League
against many professional club Academy sides.

My choice of A level subjects has certainly given me a
strong platform to progress into this undergraduate course and have contributed
significantly to the range of skills I possess. Business Studies has helped to
improve my problem solving and analytical skills which are essential to the
role of an accountant. Within the course, I have had to deal with different
case studies based on real life companies and have built up the business knowledge
required to account and control for cash and other assets in the business
environment. Psychology has positively developed my critical thinking
and interpersonal skills which are necessary when building strong relations
with future stakeholders. It has also helped me to acknowledge the impact that
human behaviour can have on management within the workforce. To broaden my
studies I chose Biology, which focuses on how living things can grow and
flourish. In principle, Accounting is like Biology, in that it helps to create
organisations and other entities, it supports growth and can effectively
identify weaknesses within an organisation that can be eliminated or turned
into strengths. Without the production of the accounts, ledgers and financial
statements, businesses cannot function. Therefore, I find this course
particularly appealing because of the versatility it offers; how it
interrelates with many different fields and applies aspects of various
disciplines within the course.

From my earliest memories of my father taking me into the
factory that he started, I have become increasingly fascinated with the
functioning of the financial industry which manifested itself into a strong
desire to fulfil a career in Accountancy. In contrast to most of the
conventional subjects I studied at GCSE, I have become increasingly engaged and
connected to my current studies.


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