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I start by quoting Bill George, “Leadership
is a journey, not a destination. It is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a
process, not an outcome.”

Leadership is probably the most researched topic
in the entire history and the good news is that there is no set answer to it. And
that’s the beauty of it all.

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Human nature has baffled us for ages. And so,
it has rightfully been for Leadership. We may have defined types of Leadership
Styles and have notes on it, the truth of the matter is that it is all an afterthought
on what went ‘right’. One doesn’t start with the thought that let me use this
particular style of leadership over that. One learns on the path of his


For me, leadership is more circumstantial and
it evolves – there is no right or wrong way. It is an embodiment of meandering
one’s path through the trials and tribulations which reflects in the outcome.


And these are somethings that I have picked
up on my journey:


Have a Dream: Dreams move mountains. Have a
vision, howsoever big or small, but have one. People are inspired by
individuals who can drive a shared vision. And inspired people can just about
do anything.


Happiness: It’s a myth that Leaders keep
everyone happy. You might as well go and sell candies to overgrown kids.
Leaders decide, they act for the greater goal and they take the team together.
One sure way of failing is to try and please everyone.


Unlearn, Learn and Adapt: Remember the story of a filled
glass that won’t take anymore. Leaders need to adapt quickly. They need to be
like quicksilver – ready to unlearn with the same zeal that you learn.


Teach, Mentor and Guide: Pave path for the future leaders
by mentoring and coaching some. It’s always good to pass on for others to
learn. Be a mentor, it will teach you things about your own self you never knew


Team First, Me Last: Always keep the team first. Your support
and guidance tells the team more than what you may proclaim. Success is always
Team’s, failures are Yours. Man up and be ready to take the bullet on your


Find a Passion: And let it burn you. Passionate
people are hard to come by. Find yours and go for it. We all love multi-faceted
people. Discussions become interesting. Camaraderie is forged outside the four
walls of work.


Respect: There is no excuse for not
treating everyone with same Respect – Elders, Colleagues, Manager and even the
Waiter in Café who has no authority over you. I, for one, assess people by the
way they treat people below them.


Lead by Example. Enough said.


Don’t Rush: Don’t fret if things don’t go
right the very first time. Have patience. Continue on your learning journey.
Things will fall in place. Give time some time.


Believe in Luck: Lastly, life is not an exact
scientific formula of known variables. It is filled with things that one cannot
comprehend. So every time you go out – give your best, Pray to Almighty and at
times let that gut feeling take over. People with butterflies in stomach sometimes
achieve much more than the calculated risk takers. In fact, there is no such
thing as calculated risk. Every risk comes with its own Luck. Better to risk
and learn than play safe all the time.


So, go on and try. Lead. Forge your own
Leadership Journey. One doesn’t have to have a designation to be a Leader. Remember
– don’t be afraid to fail and fall. But with every fall – learn, adapt, change
and bounce back with a vengeance. From the ashes rise like a Phoenix.


Your resilience will lead your way.

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