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I have written lots of stories and essays during my high school journey. I’m not an excellent writer, but I am a quick learner. The only time I write essays is for the school work. I seldom did anything out of school or writing for leisure. I am good at writing facts rather than essays. I always thought that writing is something that knowledgeable people with huge vocabulary do. And I am not, by any means, a Shakespear.  I do not find writing to be natural, therefore find it very challenging.When I sit down to write, I do it in a clean, well- organized area. I like to write down my thoughts and ideas which will provoke more ideas. It may take a while to do my best and there may be few problems that I may run into while doing it. I intend to progress my writing by building on new ideas and developing new skills.Likewise, finding the right words to express my thoughts is also the hardest part. I feel that my vocabulary at times gets limited and I find it hard to express something in more than one way. Sometimes, I have to sit down for hours to devise a proper sentence which makes me feel like I am not fit for the job. I always believed that it should all come naturally with every writer.On the other hand, procrastination has always been such a bad habit for me. Doing the work last minute has always been one of my problems as a writer. This behavior leaves me with little to no time to proofread my essays. Also, If I’m not interested in the topic I’m writing about, I will easily get bored of it soon. So, as a writer, managing my time is something I feel like I should work on. Writing is not an easy task. Understanding the topic you’re about to write is very important. I always struggle to begin my essays. My main problem was, and still is, writer’s block. This is when I go through sample essays and get some inspirations. Researching the topic I’m writing about and gaining the information always helps me get going on my writing. Sometimes, writing is fun for me but, there are times when it becomes a chore for me. Sometimes I may think I did my best when in reality it could be horrible. You can learn to express your ideas in simple ways. I am always learning new things to make myself a better writer. 

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