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I take pleasure inrecommending Mr.

Nikhil P Shetty for graduate studies at your university. Ihave known him for three years during his undergraduate study and this hasgiven me the opportunity to observe his growth. Ihave been Nikhil’s teacher for major courses of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineering. His performance in all these courses were commendable. Through theinteraction during these courses I have observed that Nikhil has a clearunderstanding of concepts mainly in subjects such as Signal Processing,Microcontrollers, Power Electronics, Network Analysis and Control Systems.

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Hehas consistently performed well and is among the top 10% students of his batch.He has a good understanding of the fundamentals in these subjects which willhelp him a great deal in furthering his skills during graduate studies. Hismathematical preparation was also commendable. He has excellent problem-solvingskills and very good analytical abilities. The courses involved a fair amount of group work during lab sessions,and Nikhil was able to coordinate extremely well with his classmates. Nikhil’sgrowth as a student is praiseworthy and his inquisitiveness to learn more abouthis subjects is admirable.

He has an outstandingcommand over English and is very effective in expressing his ideas withclarity. I have interacted with him during his lab work and class work whichshowed his strong communication skills. Apart from academics Nikhil wasinvolved many co-curricular activities like acting, drama and sports and wasalso one amongst the coordinating team in arranging the intra-college fests. Hehas a lot of enthusiasm for football and photography too.

He has impressed me withhis motivated efforts to gain in-depth knowledge in his area of interest. He hasbeen able to maintain an excellent balance between academics and researchduring his undergraduate period of study. He is one of the best students I haveseen who have gone forward to complete their graduate studies. I stronglybelieve that Nikhil would be a great asset to your university and am sure youwill find him to be a student who will shine further through your graduateprogram. Based on my teaching experience, I would strongly recommend hiscandidature for admission to your esteemed university.


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