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I am writing this letter to recommend MR. Nilanshu Ghosh for the Master’s in Science degree at your University. I have known Nilanshu in my capacity as his professor for over two years.

I taught him the course Heat and Mass transfer theory and took the practical lab for the same. Also under my tutelage, he completed his minor project on the topic” Solidification Characteristics of Water-Based TiO2 Nanofluid Phase Changing Material in a Spherical Capsule for a Cool Thermal Energy System”. He is studious and dedicated with a positive attitude towards academics.He took a keen interest in all the concepts that were taught in the class and implemented the concepts correctly in the laboratory. As a result of all the hard work he put in, he received an ‘A’ in both heat and mass transfer theory and practical. It takes strong decision- making capabilities, dedication to deal with unforeseen difficult situations to be a good leader. He takes self-initiatives when not awarded the required opportunities.

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Showcasing these skills he successfully completed his minor project under my guidance which employed the application of all the concepts studied theoretically to be applied practically. It is during the course of the minor project that he showed an inclination towards the field of research and decided upon completing his master’s degree after completing his graduation. His determined attitude takes him forward, rewarding him deserved success almost everywhere.  He has proven his merit every time. As his professor, I am fairly convinced that he will go ahead and achieve what he has planned in his life so far no matter how much ever difficult it would be. He is always seeking for more opportunities to learn new things in the engineering domain, no matter how small they can be. His intellect, desire to be the best along with integrity, dedication and hard work make him the highly potential candidate for Master’s program in your university.

With so many research facilities available at your university, He will surely get chance to sharpen his technological skills, carry out more research in the field of his interest, and shine among rest.

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