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I feel that undergraduatestudy is only a prelude ground of preparation for acquiring knowledge of such avast subject. As constant development of path-breaking technologies lead toerosion of older versions, I like to be in tandem with the latest technology.Graduate study is what would render me to build on this foundation throughfocused study.

A Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering will enable meto build on my subsisting erudition of the subject, gaining industry cognizanceand specializing in particular areas of interest. This branch of engineeringhas the immense advantage of covering tens of specializations, making the fieldvery flexible and offers an unquantifiable benefit to society. At this point,pursuing my graduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering is theright thing to do, as it would put my abilities and interest together and giveme all-round exposure.Based onmy knowledge, skills, background and the academic record so far, my admissioninto your esteemed institution is a boon for my career. I,therefore, want to acquaint myself with various technologies and research andwiden my knowledge base by pursuing MS in your esteemed university. It is a fountain of erudition, and aperennial source of inspiration, making it an ideal place to study.  The Electrical and Computer Engineering program offered atyour University with special emphasis on Embedded Systems is ideal match for mycareer goals, VLSI and Signal processing being my other areas of interest.

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My desire to become a prosperous professional in thisfield is genuinely rotting in my brain. My fondness towardsit and your excellent edifying foundation has ingrained me. Withvigorous ground and high motivation and with opportunity to be involved in workand research carried out by your esteemed faculty, I am confident ofbeing able to bring out my best. I believe the course ofstudy offered will help me acquire the multifariousnessneeded to reach my full potential. Your university shows the way andanswers my dreams.

It is exemplary, having an image of excellence. It qualifiesto be a center of taking the best of talented students who wish to undertakeresearch to surmount various difficulties and aim at giving the best results.To sum up, I am endowed with skills, aspirationsand potential to prove an asset to your university, and now seek the rightplatform to move towards my goals. I would be grateful if I am given theprivilege to pursue my Master’s Degree in your prestigious university.

I lookforward to a long and fruitful association with your university.  

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