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I would like to enroll in the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” program and be one of the leaders by studying either of these two majors (International Business or Environmental Health) in college.

Because I feel that I can play a good role and contribute to much positive change in my community in particular and my country Yemen in general in the future and also internationally. However, the first field of specializing (I.B.) is a world of profit-making, while the second field (E.H.) is a world of non-profit making.

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These two fields are an acceptable and reasonable goals for a future career. Furthermore, I have chosen these majors with believe and certainty that through my education and the skills I will gain in this program I can benefit my beloved country Yemen.As everyone know the painful truth that Yemen is facing with the unstable economy, contradictory in supply and demand, the percentage of poverty has increased rapidly, the vital issues like environment pollution of Sana’a city, thousands of people are being dead; because of different diseases like cholera besides all these tragedies the conflicts and wars & stopping the salaries of people for months.

Despite all of these tragedies, all Yemeni citizens have persistence and hope for a better tomorrow. So we the new generation have to stand stronger than ever and try to make a noticeable change for our country to rise and prosper again.By choosing my fields of study, I will have the opportunity to read during my University years many textbooks and materials on the nature of these two fields also I can apply what I have studied (practically); and by going over these materials I can visualize myself in a number of roles.

My tasks and responsibility as a student is to be competent and effective in the use of English language and to be an inspiring leader that aims to help others in need and make some changes in their lives and leads them effectively.After graduation I will have to prepare for a career and obtain a job in my country or look for a regional or an international job, if my circumstances and my qualifications permits me to do so. This may lead me to ask myself however “How far will a B.A. get me?” and how it will make me one of the few leaders of business woman in Yemen in the future. A B.A. won’t get me very far, but it is not worthless.

At the end it will qualify me for some jobs in some small companies or non-profit organizations in Yemen. Then the second question “Do I need an M.A.

” the answer again depends on the kind of a job I am seeking and the funds available for me to continue post graduate studies. In conclusion, I will work harder than before and try to gain experience and skills as possible as I can during my studies in order to be independent in my life and have a certificate that will always help me; because my education is very necessary for me to be strong, confident and to be the master of my own life.

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