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Many of crops and species are disappearing recently. It may cause by human activity or the environments but the most important reason is because the human activity and its leads to the global change then disappearing the animals, disappearing animals and crops it cause by human activity which leads to building road and cutting down the trees. First of all, building road its cause positive and negative reason for build it. In the positive reason is contact between two city, village and from place to another.

In another hand it may cause many negative reason, the most important is clear the land from the trees and grass. Clear the land from grass it may leads to cut or stop the food from some animals or species as result after that animals will disappearing. Another reason it could change the environments to animals from building the road. Second, cutting the trees it possible consequences two part, the first part is the positive reason from cutting the trees down.People can use the wood in many things in their life for examples, furniture and built a house, but in another hand from the negative reason from cutting the trees down is changing the climate or the environments to the animals. It’s not an essay to adapt the animals to different climate.

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In conclusion, building the road and cutting the trees down it is necessary for the human lifestyle but in the same way humans have to find a replace for these animals before they remove their environment especially for the mammals, so they can multiplies and not disappearing for example built a zoo for these animals.

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