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Humanities When I first signed up for Humanities I was under the impression it was mostly like ENC1101. However, when I realized what the course is about than it seemed to be more like a history class mixed with the arts and literature. It really is an insight to ancient cultures and societies, and how they viewed their world at the time. Then the next question that arose was what part of history would we be learning about It turned out to be the history of when civilizations were first started in the West. I found that to be pretty interesting so I went through the syllabus to find out exactly what topics would hook my attention. The first group that I noticed was the Egyptians. They have always intrigued people with their great architecture of pyramids and tombs. Their technology and intellect must have been far above the other peoples of the time.

They created tools that would lead to advances in the new lands. The power that Egypt had at that point in history was amazing. It would be great to know how they fell as a power.

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