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Human resource started to take over a couple years ago out of the most profitable companies it was known how important employees are and since then studies based on human research management and improvement of situations concerns employees took over. Under employee engagement we comprehend:


Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organization to give of their best each day, committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

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Engagement and motivation are interrelated. An employee that is engaged will give effort to the company. Quality of output and competitive advantage has to do with the quality of people; there is a link between:

·      Employee engagement

·      Customer loyalty

·      Profitability

When employees are engaged with the organization they feel emotional responsible within the company. This can influence attitude towards, clients, and improve customer satisfaction. The most satisfied employee is sometimes not the best in loyalty and productivity. An employee who is successful is someone who helps to make the workplace grow. 

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