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In the aspect of actual human service, there are many situations wherein the involved person must critically evaluate the important details and situations to determine the most appropriate and logical reaction and/or decision to the pending matter. This critically evaluation is significantly dependent on the perspective and aspect being considered by the social service person, which involves weighing the involved issues and establishing the decision towards the best possible result.Some of the factors and issues that must be considered are the social policies affecting the situation, the situation and effects of the outcome, and the interest of the clients or consumer. These factors and issue are all significantly important for the development of the theoretical approach towards the critical situations in actual human service aspect. In the aspect of developing a theoretical approach, each factors involved must be analyze and weigh regarding their relevance in the collective situation.

Considering these the three human service situations in this exercise in which the author of this paper must realize the role of the health or human service worker and develop a theoretical approach in resolving the issue presented in the situation. In the first scenario, the most advantageous solution in this issue is to resolve the depression and problems of the mother thus, making her capable of assuming her motherhood responsibilities for her children.While implementing this, temporary assistance for shelter and food can be provided for the family yet the mother must still be taught how to take account of her responsibilities towards her children.

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This approach is viewed to result to permanent changes in their lives as a family, with the single mother leading them their path for stability and self-sustenance. In the second scenario, the most important issue is to address the need of the patient whether voluntarily seeking the aid through the son or seeking it from other sources or channel such as finding a health program that will likely aid the patient’s needs.Indeed, developing a campaign to search a dependable resource to support the needs or promote the healthcare program of the patient will give a permanent solution to the problem. In the third scenario, efforts towards helping the involved subject will give more result if properly communicated with the social policies relating to these kinds of situations.

A likely approach is communicating the issue with the authorities to establish a law enforced intervention to the subject’s situation.In general, the theoretical approaches presented in each scenario are all focused to the aspect of developing along-term solution to each situation. In each human service situation, a predicament is always involved as this issue can be best addressed with a critical evaluation of the scenario including the relevant factors and issues in the situation.

With a clear view towards the problem, an ethical perspective, and through highlighting the needs and interest of the involved subject that the human service worker can develop and implement the appropriate and advantageous theoretical approach toward resolving the issue or situation.

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