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Human Rights It is common that human beings everywhere demand the realization of diverse values to ensure their individual and overall well being. Every American citizen has the ability to live his or her life free and full of equality, while also taking further steps in having a voice and power. As human rights extends its authority throughout many countries, it provides for people to live according to these and other desires. Yet there are still many problems that can oppose these rights that are given to us. On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which then set the standards for human living.

People now could express themselves in many ways without being abused from the severe political, legal, and social perspectives. They are enforced to governments, requiring compliance and enforcement so that they can?t deny our rights.These rights help us to be independent as well as be safe from any injustice that may occur.

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New laws, such as no distinction among races, sexes, language, religion, etc., formed a union of people who can accept one another and not segregate anyone. Justice is rights, people, human, being, countries, world, without, live, given, declaration, yet, way, universal, union, think, taking, political, life, laws, injustice, groups, governments, freedom, equality, discrimination, different, deny, been, according, while, welfare, ways, voice, views, very

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