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Human Resources Management

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. General Aspects of HIV/AIDS
4. Treatment of an HIV/AIDS Patient
5. Magnitude of HIV/AIDS
6. Socio Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS
7. Grounds of Impossibility and Possibility of Dismissal
8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography

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When HIV/AIDS becomes a matter of concern in the work place, a variety of personnel issues may arise. These issues should be addressed within the framework of existing procedures, guidance and regulations.
An organisation has to view a person infected with HIV as it does any healthy person and it has to view a person with AIDS as it does a person with Diabetics, Hypertension, Heart disease, Cancer etc, or any other disabilities.
Given the nature of the disease and the devastating effect it is already having in a society, every one has a responsibility to avoid the spread of HIV. An organisation has to ensure that staff and employees are well informed about HIV/AIDS through written information and training.
Employees with HIV infection live for many years without

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