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Human Performance The problem as cognitive psychologist is to attempt to find out the mental model human beings use to control performance.

Performance can be based on many different things such as coordination, problem solving, or memory. The model that was used in lab tests the short-term memory for specific items. The short-term memory is used in many performance related tasks such as numbers, dates, and names. The purpose of running this experiment is to test the process to which humans use their short-term memory and how short-term memory can be affected under adverse circumstances. The purpose of cognitive models of performance in general is not just to explain given set of data but it is also to explain the organization of the cognitive process and to give an explanation to the entire cognitive processing system. This experiment will take the test subject through four different steps which include: encoding, comparison, decision and response execution.

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The experiment used in lab was referred to as the Serial Scanning Model. This model of memory first takes a given set of numbers on a computer screen called the ?memory set? These numbers can vary in range and are given to the subject to observe for as memory, test, set, subject, short-term, time, response, digit, probe, subjects, model, mental, experiment, comparison, through, results, researcher, process, encoding, cognitive, performance, numbers, indicate, given, disorder, compare, being, very, timed, steps, size, search, screen, scanning, purpose, processes

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