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Human Experimentation ? Is It Ethical

Human Experimentation ? Is It Ethical

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There are a few ethical concerns when conducting experiments using human participants. Some people have raised the questions ?is it worth it? and ?should science really be exploiting these people? There is no easy answer to these questions. For the most part, humans can volunteer themselves for these tests. Unless, of course, their perception is blurred and they are given the wrong impression of exactly what is to take place (deception).
There are three specific concerns pertaining to a human participant?s rights. The first one is the participant?s right to privacy. A patients?s personal files need to be kept in a safe place so that the confidential test results will not get in to the wrong hands. The second concern is the possible harm or discomfort that a patient may experience due to the experimental procedures. This could include any side effects that a participant may experience or even long-term discomfort. The third concern is the use of deception. Deception refers to a research procedure used to mislead participants about the true purposes of a study. It is a dishonest practice but still does occur for fear that a participant may not

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