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All of these hazards that put our own lives in danger and we can’t blame anyone but our selves Biological Hazards Biological hazards are hazards that are simply passed from one person to another.

Viruses that are air born or passed on by touching infected items and the putting our hands in our mouth. An example of theses hazards are the flu (Influenza), staff infections (Staphylococcus erasures), the common cold & strep throat (Streptococcal pharynges) Physical Hazards Physical hazards are hazards that we have absolutely no control over.They are usually epitomizing natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, wild and tsunamis. Chemical Hazards 3 Chemical hazards are hazards that are sometimes unknown accidents or even because of uneducated or uninformed situations. I have often wondered if it was harmful for human to be living near sewage treatment plants, landfills, and airports.

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As I suspected living near these place can cause some really serious health conditions like cancer, upper repertory problems, and even birth defects. There are a lot of hazards In our daily living some really don’t even know how much.

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