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Human Cloning

Human cloning in the United States is a controversial issue because many people do and do not want it. The separation of church and state and the freedom of religion have greatly impacted this issue. Also many people find it to be morally wrong to clone. In today?s society there are many factors that are going to help decide whether cloning should be controlled or banned among them are religion, infertility, and a scientific aspect. Should cloning be controlled
Although the bible is interpreted in many different ways there are still ways to relate cloning to religion. There are passages that intertwine with the subject matter. Jeremiah 1:5, the passage talks about god knowing us before we are born so there for we are alive already. God knows every cloning attempt that has succeeded and failed. Christians believe that cloning is very similar to abortion. Another passage is Genesis 2:7 the creation of Adam, this passages is the moral standpoint of religious people against cloning. If God created man with his own hands who are we to create man with our hands. God banded Adam and Eve because they ate the fruit, though god banded them because they were moving

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