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How to Establish an Ethical Environment in the Company? Having an ethical environment is one of the most important things nowadays. The company or the environment cannot succeed without good ethical environment. In my essay I’m going to give two practices that companies can do to have an ethical environment. First practice is to encourage the top managers to be role models for the workers and the entire company. Chose this practice because the managers are most important people who influence heir workers.

Their actions and what they do are the things which motivate employees in the work place. It is known that action speaks louder than words, so if workers see their managers deals in ethical ways, they will be doing the same and they will be afraid of dealings in unethical ways. Ethics and good morals of the managers will help the company to have an ethical environment. This practice can be implemented by encourages and motivates the top managers to be a role models for the employees. Could meet with the top managers and show them the importance of being role models and owe they can be that.

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Actually, I’m going to give them two examples of different companies, one of them have good role model, and the other have bad role model. Moreover, the top managers at the end they wants their companies to success so I believe that this practice can be easily implemented if we could persuade the top managers. I believe that the expected impact of this practice is huge and will benefit the company, workers and customers or consumers as well. The workers will be motivated by the role models who are the managers, and they will be dealing all the time in an ethical way.

The customers will be satisfied as well, because they will trust the company, which have good role models inspire their workers. The company will benefit from all this because the managers and workers are dealings in an ethical ways so no fraud or lying will be exists. Second practice is to impose an ethical code and standards for the company. I chose this practice because it will help the workers to have a reference for any ethical issues could arise. Sometimes the workers want to deal in an ethical way, but they may have a confusion of what is ethical to do and what is not.

This ethical code would have many ethical issues and how to deal in different situations the workers may be on. This practice can be implemented by writing the ethical code and send it to all the members of the company. I’m going to search about all the ethical issues for different companies and put them in the code. Also, I’m going to discuss with the top managers about what are the required standards for the company, and write it in the code as well. All of the ethical issues and standards will be written, and make sure that this code is sent for all the employees and members of the company.

The expected impact of this practice is huge as well, each One in the environment will know what is ethical to do and what is not. There will be no confusion at all and if anything unethically happened, the managers can take the ethical code as evidence for them that they show the workers what to do. Also, this practice would help the company to have an ethical environment and everything is clear to everyone. When the environment deals in an ethical way, it reputation will be good and it will be a successful one. People and customers will be encouraged to buy or invest in this company.

In conclusion, ethics are the most priceless things in the world today. In order for a company to success it must be dealing in an ethical ways. Several practices could help the environment to be ethical, I chose two practices and explained why chose them with the expected results for each one. Those practices are: encourage the top managers to be role models and impose an ethical code for the company. I believe that those practices will help a lot and make differences in the environment. Hope that all companies consider these practices in order to have an ethical environment.

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