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How much do you really know about Eleanor Roosevelt? Did you know that by the timeshe was my age, eleven, she had lost both of her parents and her little brother? EleanorRoosevelt impacted U.S. history in public service and government tremendously, because shewas resilient, always had minorities’ best interests in mind, and supervised the well-being ofworkers. She never let herself or her respecting peers give up, especially in the mostchallenging situations. Eleanor Roosevelt truly is a woman to be admired.Eleanor Roosevelt changed the role of the First Lady dramatically. Before EleanorRoosevelt was first lady, many women in this position were expected to host White Houseparties. Eleanor believed that the role of first lady should be more than this, though. She wasnot one who would stand idle and watch the country suffer. She did everything she could tohelp the American people. Yet, Eleanor Roosevelt had to face many obstacles during herhusband’s presidency. “Eleanor Roosevelt was criticized pretty heavily for her active role inpublic policy,” says Kelly Anne Conway, the president of the Polling Company of first ladies were not expected to be an active role model for the American people, thatwas the president’s job. After Eleanor Roosevelt’s term as first lady, those who followed wereexpected to do as she had done. This is one way that Eleanor Roosevelt contributed to U.S.history, and changed the way we live today.When Eleanor Roosevelt was first lady, minorities, such as African-Americans, Jews, andwomen, finally got the attention they needed. Eleanor would help serve food to low incomefamilies and the homeless, read stories to underprivileged children, and continuously took thetime to visit patients in hospitals. Eleanor Roosevelt “spoke out for minority rights when fewothers did.” (page 11)Mrs. Roosevelt always cared about the happiness and prosperity of workers andemployees. She would always visit workers while they were hard at work. “She went to coalmines and factories and workers meetings.” (page 10) Eleanor always asked for the workers’feedback on how the government was doing, and then carried this feedback to the president.Franklin Roosevelt would then act off of these criticisms. Eleanor also worked extremely hard toget laws passed improving the employee’s working conditions, including getting a limitednumber of working hours, as well as a minimum wage.The most important character trait in Eleanor Roosevelt’s personality was resiliency. Shenever sulked, even when facing immense sorrow. By the time she was 11, the only family shehad were her two younger brothers. Her mother, father, and older brother died. But she didn’tgo around feeling sorry for herself. She went to live with her grandmother, who knew nothingabout raising children, was sent to school in England where she got good grades, and became ayoung, prosperous woman. A few decades later, her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, camedown with polio. She always took care of him, and was there every step of the way. When hesaid he was considering quitting his political career, she wouldn’t have it. She wouldn’t let himgive up on his lifelong dream of becoming president of the United States of America. Aftermuch persuasion, she got him to campaign again and he ended up being president for fourmore terms after that.In conclusion, Eleanor Roosevelt has contributed immensely to US history from 1900 to1940. She was resilient, cared about workers, and saw that minorities gained the rights theydeserved as U.S. citizens. Eleanor Roosevelt’s hard work has shown through the decades, longafter Eleanor passed away in 1962.

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