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In the poem “l return to the place I was born” by Tao hanging, the poet conveys the idea that he hates the secular world as well as wants to back to nature and misses his hometown which represents the freedom and better life. This is a physical and emotional journey for the poet that has changed his way of life and has affected him positively. The poet gives examples of he yearns to back to nature and enjoys the feelings at his hometown by using some effective language techniques to convey the idea that the poet heaved en changed his mood and feelings by a physical and emotional journey.This poem tells a story that the poem doesn’t like the city from a early age he rally wants to back to his hometown.

He has been left his hometown for thirty years. When he returns where he has born he finds everything are as usual. He describes the peaceful, natural and quiet sceneries Of countryside. At the end of the poem, the poem feels contented to stay here the rest of his life and finds himself at last. The body of the poem is written in the first person voice of the poet himself.The poet uses a series of metaphors such as “migratory birds return to the same tree.

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Fish fine their way back to the pools where they were hatched. ” Poet uses metaphor to crate a powerful imagery that is therefore memorable. He regards himself as birds and fish. He wants to return to his hometown wants to get freedom again. These sentences also shows the poet who loves nature and freedom. The poet uses personification such as ‘the world caught me and harnessed me and drove me though dust, thirty years away from home.This sentence emphasis he is controlled by the world and he is forced to live here for thirty years. He really hates the darkness in the secular world.

At the last of this poem, the poet uses metaphor ” at last I have found myself. ” to show he appreciate the interest of nature and he is a poet who get comfort if spiritual from nature and freedom. The poem conveys the idea that he back to his countryside where he has born and enjoys the beauty of nature, also lives in a quiet and peaceful way.

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