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How Does My Culture/Diversity Affect Me? Toya Haskett Herzing University – New Orleans, La How Does My Diversity/Culture Affect Me? The “two ways diversity/culture influences us” I’ve chosen to reflect upon are; the holidays we celebrate and the way we celebrate them, and the nature of God and other religious beliefs. In my opinion, when talking about holidays and religion, these two subjects coordinate, when being discussed together. It is a known fact that some holidays are celebrated differently (such as, Christmas), or not even celebrated at all due to religious beliefs.According to athesim.

about. com, the United States is 85% Christian. This means that the other 25% is either of another religion, atheist, or theist. When we speak of Christians, we all know that this is a commonly known holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Believe it or not, I grew up in a Christian home where we did not celebrate Christmas. My parents believe that Christmas is a pagan holiday, Jesus was not born on December 25th, and that the bible doesn’t ask us to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.Well now that I’m older, I’ve decided to show pluralism to the Christians who celebrate Christmas.

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Therefore, even though I don’t believe in the celebration of Christmas; I still go to Christmas parties and respect those who do. On another note, my parents and I are not the only Christians who choose not to celebrate Christmas, there are others. Along with Jehovah witness, some Muslims, Indians, and of course Jews whom celebrate Hanukkah. In conclusion, when it comes to holidays and religion in the U. S.

, there are definitely different cultures.In my opinion, the society needs more pluralism. Because someone believes differently, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect them.

According to gnmagazine. org, diversity means respect for the traditions, heritage, and religion of all groups! References Cline,Austin (1998). Christmas and Cultural Diversity.

Retrieved May 7, 2011, from http://atheism. about. com/ud/christmasholidayseason/a/diversity.

htm Aust,Jerold (2005). Why some Christians don’t celebrate Christmas. Retrieved May 7, 2011, from www.

gnmagazine. org/issues/gn61/christmas. htm

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