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industry worldwide currently is getting more and more concerned toward the
environmental issue. Bohdanowicz and Martinac (2007) indicated that 75% of environmental pollution caused
by hotel industry was from over-consuming energy, water, and materials while
operating business. The wastewater, fume, and materials discharged during the
operation would cause negative impacts on our environment. Thus, without proper
design and plan, environment would be impacted in an unwanted way. In order to
improve the environment, we need to start protecting the environment. In
Norway, Tourism council Australia (1998) suggested and idea called green hotel,
this concept is to provide natural accommodation and facilitate green service,
green product and fresh and comfortable environment. Green mountain state
(2016) defined green hotel as “a hotel that makes efforts on creating a fine
environment and encourages its staff and customers to participate in the
activity. It also needs to observe carefully each operation to reduce impacts
on environment”.

The fundamental orientation of green hotel includes: 1. Recycled
material 2. Recyclable 3. Low-polluting 4 Energy-saving (Chen, 2012).  A green hotel needs to promote an idea of
protecting the environment through the use of operating recycle, planning
recycle system and utilizing green power (e.g., solar power, wind power,
hydraulic power. etc.).

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To be recognized as a green hotel many countries begun to add
ECO-labeling system for green hotel into their ecological plan. For example
United Nations Environment Program sets up an ECO-labeling plan to certify and
label qualified hotel (Basel Al-Yousfi, 2006). To get the certification the
hotel have to passed 5 different stages to be recognized as green hotel; waste
material disposal, energy efficiency, hydraulic power management, staff
environmental education, and natural area of protection respectively.

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