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HONG KONG TOUR DAY 1: KOWLOON & WESTERN NEW TERRITORIES NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 1 (8:00-10:00) CHEK LAP KOK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (10:00-11:00) * Meet with bus. * Don’t forget to get FREE MAPS for Matthew (. g. brown or any HK map) * Don’t forget to BUY TRAX MAPS® GUANGZHOU for Matthew in Relay Bookstore, Arrivals – DON’T FORGET THIS.

PANDA HOTEL HONG KONG WETLAND PARK (11:00-2:00) * From Tsing Yi MTR Station, take bus no. 264M there, and disembark at Hong Kong Wetland Park. * Alternatively, from HKIA, take Bus o.

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E34 to Tin Shui Wai Town Center, then from there, take the Tin Shui Wai MTR Rail Station.Get on any MTR Light Rail (705 or 706 Trains) and then get off at Wetland Park Station. LUNCH * In Hong Kong Wetland Park TEMPLE STREET, KOWLOON CITY CENTER, HARBOUR CITY (2:00-6:00) * From Tsing Yi, take TUNG CHUNG LINE and get down at Kowloon Station. * Walk up and about Nathan Road, Salisbury Road, and Temple Night Market, DON’T FORGET CHINESE MAPS, CHECK FOR CHINESE BOOKSTORES IN NATHAN ROAD OR NORTH POINT. * Or you can choose to go to Harbour City (or put it on Day 3) * TOYONOTES (c/o Phoebe Li): 169/173 Soy St.

cor. Portland St. , Mongkok, Kowloon. a. Don’t forget to buy Matthew the following: i.Brunei 1 Dollar ii.

Macedonia 50 Dinar iii. Syria 50 Pounds iv. Kazakhstan 50 Tenge (POLYMER) v. Chile 2000 Pesos (POLYMER) b.

You may need to ride the Yau Ma Tei or Tsim Sha Tsui MTR to Mongkok MTR. Or you can just walk northward. DINNER * Yoshinoya, Nathan Road two blocks south of Temple Night Market. AVENUE OF THE STARS, STAR FERRY (6:00-8:00) * HONG KONG TOURIST BOARD, Star Ferry Pier a. Don’t forget to get Matthew some maps of Hong Kong! * Walk through Avenue of the Stars, passing through the HK Cultural enter, HK Museum of Art, Avenue of the Stars, and New World Center, finally ending at Salisbury Road. From Tsim Sha Tsui station, return to Tai Wo Hau Station via TSUEN WAN LINE.

Last train on 12:30 AM. * Symphony of Lights of Hong Kong on 8:00 PM. Stand by in Avenue of the Stars. DAY 2: LANTAU ISLAND & HONG KONG ISLAND PANDA HOTEL BREAKFAST WISDOM PATH, BUDDHA WALK, NGONG PING 360, PO LIN MONASTERY * From Tsuen Wan MTR Station, get down at Lai King Station, and switch to TUNG CHUNG LINE. * Get down at Tung Chung Line, and ride the Ngong Ping 360 (10:00 AM, opening hour; 6:30, closing hour) LUNCH * Return to Tung Chung Line, and ride it to Hong Kong Terminal Station. Shift to ISLAND LINE, and get down at Admiralty Station. * Eat in Pacific Place or any fastfood restaurant near it.

HONG KONG TRAM TOUR TO SHAU KEI WAN AND VICE VERSA, NORTH POINT * Ride tram in Admiralty, and ride it until terminus. Ride the tram going to SHAU KEI WAN. * From Shau Kei Wan, tour the neighborhood, and return via a Kennedy Town Tram. Get down at North Point. * At North Point, go to the Chinese bookstore in North Point to buy some CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINES and CHINESE MAPS! Or alternately, you can GO TO CHINESE BOOKSTORES ALONG NATHAN ROAD.

a.Don’t forget to buy Matthew the following: i. Chinese map of Lhasa. ii.

Chinese map of Urumqi. iii. Chinese map of Harbin, or Chinese map of Inner Mongolia, or Chinese map of Heilongjiang iv. WanLib Shenzhen and/or Kunming map and/or any Chinese na Taipei Map (if wala check also in Chinese bookstores) v. WanLib 2011 Hong Kong City Guide (see picture at last pge) IFC MALL * Ride MTR at North Point station and get down at Central MTR Station, go up, and enter IFC Mall. * In IFC Mall, go to DYMOCKS Bookstore, and buy Matthew the following: a.

Periplus Tokyo Map (THIRD Edition) . Gizimap CHINA NW (Northwest) Xinjiang Autonomous Region Map c. Any Nelles Map that’s Sale (I think, it’s Kauai) AND Nelles China South (whether or not Sale) * In IFC Mall, go to THE LARGEST ZARA BRANCH IN HONG KONG (for Justin). * Go to China Travel Service, Ground Flr. , China Travel Blg, 77 Queen’s Road, Central. TRY APPLYING FOR A SHENZHEN VISA FOR DAY FOUR AND GET ME FREE TOURIST MAPS OF CHINA! MID LEVELS ESCALATOR, LAN KWAI FONG, SOHO, DINNER * Walk through the Mid Levels Escalator. * Pass by Lan Kwai Fong and Soho, entertainment districts of Hong Kong.

To get back, pass by Wyndham Street, and a. Ride Central MTR again to Tai Wo Hau, OR b. Ride TUNG CHUNG LINE to Lai King and shift to TSUEN WAN LINE to Tai Wo Hau Station for FASTER travel.

DAY 3: EASTERN NEW TERRITORIES & HONG KONG ISLAND PANDA HOTEL BREAKFAST WAN CHAI, ADMIRALTY * Ride to Admiralty MTR Station from Tsuen Wan. * Just explore Admiralty (Pacific Place and other malls) while walking to Wan Chai. * Visit Hopewell Center (62th floor, Revolving Restaurant): Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai LUNCH: CAUSEWAY BAY FOOD STREET Ride Wan Chai MTR Station and get down at Causeway Bay MTR Station. * Between Sogo Department Store and Excelsior, there’s a series of food hawker stalls here. Just at the back of Excelsior and Park Lane. * Or proceed again to the Japanese Restaurant under the cinema-mall where we ate last time.

* Or Eat at Hong Kong Dong Pai Dai Restaurant, Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay (picture of sumptuous ho-fan) CAUSEWAY BAY AND VICTORIA PARK * Alight at Causeway Bay MTR Station, and roam around Victoria Park, Park Lane, Jardine Bazaar (CHEAP CLOTHING, BOSSINI, GIORDANO, etc. and Times Square. * In Times Square, go to Page One, and look for: a. Hong Kong Government Survey and Mapping Office Lantau Island or West Lantau (if cheap) b.

WanLib Shenzhen and/or Kunming map (check also in Chinese bookstores) c. WANLIB 2011 HONG KONG CITY GUIDE (SEE BACK FOR PICTURE) – ALL 1-3 ARE THE SAME AS THE ONES WRITTEN ABOVE VICTORIA PEAK * From Causeway Bay MTR, ride MTR until Admiralty MTR, and either: 1) walk through Hong Kong Park to reach Victoria Peak Tram terminus, OR 2) hail a cab to go straight there. Ride the Victoria Peak, and descend from it after eating dinner there. Maybe around 8 or 9. Closing is on 12:00 midnight, but that’s also the closing time of the MTR. DAY 4: VACANT PANDA HOTEL BREAKFAST OCEAN PARK * From Tsuen Wan / Tai Wo Hau Station, ride to Admiralty. * From Admiralty MTR Station, ride Citybus 629 to Ocean Park. It’s at Admiralty West Bus Terminus, beside Lippo Center.

* To get back, bahala na kayo! LUNCH BE AT AIRPORT (TERMINAL 2 AGAIN) BY 6:00 PM DINNER AT THE CHEK LAP KOK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT EXPLORE AIRPORT ARRIVE NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 1, 10:00 PMOTHER IMPORTANT ADDRESSES PHOTOGRAPHY SHOPS (Open from 10-7) * Photo Scientific (6 Stanley St. , Central) – First choice of professional photographers. * Hing Lee Camera Company (25 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central) – Sells second hand SLR equipments. * Onestop Photo Company (Shop 2, Champagne Ct, 18 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui) – Some prices marked, but some items are still bargain.

MULTIMEDIA SHOPS * HMV (1st floor, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder St. , Central, 9am-10pm) –Largest Store of HMV * Hong Kong Records (253, 2nd floor, Pacific Place, 8 Queensway, Admiralty) – Chinese traditional, Chinese pop, Chinese classical BOOKSTORES AND CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP * Cosmos Books (30 Johnston Road, Wan Chai) * Dymocks (2nd floor, IFC Mall) * Page One (Times Square, but the larger one is in Harbour City) * Swindon Books (13 Lock Road, TST) * Christian Literature Center (Unit C & D, 2nd Floor, Mercantile House, 186 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon) * Elim Christian Bookstore (Shop 3, 1/F, Lippo Ctr, Tower 1, 89 Queensway, HK) – LARGEST COMPUTER STORES Wan Chai Computer Center (1st floor, Southorn Center, 130-138 Hennessy Road) * Mong Kok Computer Center (8-8a Nelson St. , Mong Kok) * Golden Computer Arcade (Sham Shui Po) PET SHOPS * Cannon Street (Causeway Bay) * Mongkok Goldfish Market (Tung Choi St. , Mongkok, HK) TOP MALLS: PACIFIC PLACE (ADMIRALTY), TIMES SQUARE (CAUSEWAY BAY), AND HARBOUR CITY (TSIM SHA TSUI) TOP DEPARTMENT STORES: SOGO, MITSUKOSHI (CAUSEWAY BAY), LANE CRAWFORD (CENTRAL) MAP OF HONG KONG MTR LINES WISHLIST MUST BUY TRAX Maps Guangzhou (THIS IS IN RELAY BOOKSTORE ARRIVALS, I THINK), ALSO ANY MAP OF FUJIAN OR QUANZHOU OR LHASA OR URUMQI, OR HEILONGJIANG OR NEI MENGGU / INNER MONGOLIA OR TAIWAN (Check in Chinese bookstores too) * Gizimap CHINA NORTHWEST Map (THIS IS DEFINITELY PRESENT IN DYMOCKS BOOKSTORE, IFC MALL, IF NOT, TRY OTHER DYMOCKS BRANCH IN 18 Hanoi Road, TST, Hong KOng) * Periplus Tokyo Map THIRD EDITION (THIS IS DEFINITELY PRESENT IN DYMOCKS BOOKSTORE, IFC MALL) * Nelles Map CHINA SOUTH (THIS IS IN DYMOCKS IFC, I THINK) * Nelles Map Kauai (THIS IS ON “SALE” IN DYMOCKS BOOKSTORE IFC MALL) * WanLi 2011 HONG KONG CITY GUIDE – Like the picture below STRICTLY!! PLEASE BUY (ANY CHINESE BOOKSTORE – PLEASE TRY AT LEAST FOUR CHINESE BOOKSHOPS, PLEASE) * WanLi Shenzhen Traffic Map * WanLi Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Traffic Map * Taipei Chinese Map * Hong Kong Government and Survey LANTAU ISLAND OR LANTAU WEST (NOT IN PICTURE) MUST GET * Maps from Hong Kong Tourist Information * Maps from China Resources Info (address above, if you pass by it lang)

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