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Do you consider Hong Kong is a good place to live? Assume many Hangovers will say yes if they were still living in the ass, which was the time Hong Kong started getting economic SUccess.

Then how about now? Hong Kong used to be a wonderland to reside, and was regarded as one of the Four Asian Tigers, which means she had highly free and developed economy system. However, after the transferring of sovereignty over Hong Kong she has been facing housing, environmental problems and causing health care problems to the residents.Hong Kong is not as tempting as it was as a accidence, and that is why many new generate Honkers desire to emigrate from Hong Kong to other places.

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This paper will explain why Hong Kong is no longer a good place to live from three major areas, including housing, environment and health care. Firstly, Hong Kong housing policy always plays an important role in the society. In the ass, Sir Murray Machetes advocated a “Ten-year housing programs” for Hong Kong citizens.The plan went really well as 1.

5 million people could have a place to live. However, the Government stopped the home ownership scheme and refused o offer public housing for sale in 2003. It was clearly a big mistake because it caused the raising rate of private housing since then. The lack of affordable housing resources can lead to a twisted phenomenon, such as cage home problem. Many low-income people live in these cages as their home, and under very bad circumstances.Even so, the rent is unbelievably high. Ironically, this kind of cage home is originated in Hong Kong, the so-called international financial center.

Nonetheless, the government has no intention to stop this situation and refuses the existence of the problem. Besides, most of the Hangovers cannot afford the price of private housings, then how come Hong Kong can be a good place to live while the price of housings is out of the budget of Hong Kong citizens?Secondly, the serious environmental problems in Hong Kong are one of the push factors that people emigrate from Hong Kong, especially due to the air and water pollution. There are two major causes of the air pollution. First, the population has grown from 5. 39 million in 1960 to 7. 23 million in 2014, which means the number of car owners has grown a lot too.

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