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Honeywellconglomerate international is an American based multinational company thatdeals with the production of commercial and consumer products used worldwide.

More so Honeywell international incorporation company offers services in theengineering sector and aerospace systems for a large number of consumers fromprivate consumers to major corporations and government. This company operatesonly four business segments. The segments are Honeywell aerospace, Home andBuilding Technologies (HBT), Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), andHoneywell Performance Materials and Technologies.Honeywell aerospace is aproducer of auxiliary power units (APUs) and other aviation products, as wellas a manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics.

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In terms of home andbuilding technologies consumer products, Honeywell produces thermostats,sensors, dehumidifiers, air cleaners and security alarm systems. The companybrand name is also used by partner manufactures of various retail products suchas home generators, paper shredders, security safes, fans, heaters and airconditioners through obtaining their licenses. It identifies corporate socialresponsibility projects which have sustainable and optimal impacts on the localpeople of communities where their products and services are used across theglobe.

Besides all that the vision that drives Honeywell is building a worldwhich is more secure, more comfortable, safer, energy efficient, moreinnovative and productive. Thefocus areas when it comes to corporate social responsibility strategies andcommunity welfare volunteerism addressing main community needs for Honeywell isbased on five critical areas. Science and math education, family safety andsecurity, housing and shelter, sustainability and humanitarian relief are thecore areas it addresses. Science and math education innovative programs inspireand educate students and teachers while on the other hand it empowers the nextgeneration of scientists and engineers. This builds a block of a free societyand fuels the curious minds of today meaning the future is secure.

Familysafety and security is the number one initiative where they develop and deploytechnologies that keep them secure and safe wherever they work, travel and live.Honeywell company care about our neighbors and neighborhood by providing safedrinking water, shelter, reconstruction of homes, building schools and bringinghappiness to the corporate society. When it comes to sustainability, Honeywellprovide lasting solutions to energy, air quality, water and habitatconservation and addressing challenges among communities. Humanitarian reliefis offered by Honeywell international in areas where disaster such asearthquakes, tsunami, fires, typhoons and floods occur.

Furthermore Honeywellworks partnership with other relief organizations to address the immediate andlong-term needs of affected communities facilitating rehabilitation, recoveryand rebuilding of society.Honeywell has been ranked as one of the key corporationresponsible for air pollution and toxic waste into the environment by theUnited States Environment Protection Agency, releasing 9.4 million pounds oftoxins to the air. Honeywell was required to pay civil penalty of $150,000 andwas supposed to perform reparation for environmental violation it was involvedin worth $772,000. The environmental violation included failure to repair andprevent leaks of hazardous organic pollutants into the atmosphere, inadequatereporting of ammonia, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxideemissions and failure to report refrigeration equipment containingchlorofluorocarbons. In the year 2003 a federal judge in Newark, New jerseycited a substantial risk of impending destruction to public health and safetyand severe damage to the environment where the company was supposed to performenvironmental remediation of $400 million.

The company paid $3.6 million toavoid federal trial regarding its responsibility in the same year. In 2004 thestate of New York required Honeywell to finish a cleanup of more than 74,000 kgof mercury and other toxic waste in Lake Onondaga at an expense of $448million. By 2014 Honeywell had completed dredging the lake and had alreadyestablished three water treatment plants.Honeywell corporation announced on sept.

16, 2014,production of products that lower the global warming potential which will driveto reduction of 50 percent production of much global warming potential hydrofluorocarbons on a carbon monoxide equivalent basis. Honeywell has planned toreduce carbon monoxide over the next five years as customers across the worldchange to new low global warming potential products hence reducing greenhousegas emissions, meet proposed regulations of the United States EnvironmentalProtection agency (EPA) and increase energy efficiency. United States special envoyfor climate change led by President Obama launched administration that ispartnering with other industry leaders like Honeywell corporation investing inthe future comprising of safe alternatives and backing mainly on climatefriendly technologies in their product and services. Regulators across theworld are addressing the communities on the issue of climate change; Honeywellis significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a series of environmenttechnologies promoting clean energy production and promotes energy sufficiency.Process technologies and automation services makes Honeywell a global leader inmanufacturing of advanced materials being used by the most population across theentire continent. An example of products Honeywell company produces areenvironmentally friendly refrigerants and materials used in making bulletresistant armor, computer chips, nylon and pharmaceutical packaging. Inter governmental panel on climate change (IPPC) isan international organization that assesses all science related to climatechange that are widely accepted by governments worldwide assisting them inestablishing climate related challenges.

In order to achieve corporate socialresponsibility objectives, the company must allocate funds unmarked for suchactivities as per the policy following the set policies of climate changeagencies. With government approvals, the company implements programs independentlyor jointly with third party organizations meeting the requisite expertise andcredentials for the project. Honeywell HFO-1234yf products are used by mostautomakers because of its environmental attributes, it performs well in allclimates, it is safe and easy to adopt. The HFO-1234yf  is seen to have lower global warmingpotential compared to carbon dioxide, hence it help comply with the corporateaverage fuel economy (CAFÉ) and vehicle greenhouse gas standards aiming ondecreasing greenhouse gas emission associated with cars and light trucks andimprove the average fuel economy.

Global adoption of HFO-1234yf would havereduction of greenhouse gas released equal to taking away 30 million carspermanently from our roads. Inconclusion Honeywell has environmental remediation emerging from the pastoperations, it is responsible in addressing those issues in ways that use worldclass science, design and modern engineering protecting the environment andhuman health for the surrounding communities globally. Its activities areencouraging lowering all the global warming potentials hence working positivelytoward the climate change.    

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