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Homelessness Cause And Effect Homelessness has taken a toll in many peoples lives in this world. Whether you?re a child or an adult you may experience these gruesome situations. Homelessness is having no home or haven or people without homes considered as a group (Webster 1). Homelessness is no permanent address. There are many causes to homelessness, some extremely sad, others just being selfish then ending up in awful situations which are serious problems. Such things as a missed paycheck, a health crisis, or an unpaid bill push the poor over the edge into homelessness. Homeless population is diverse.

Here is a breakdown of homelessness 25%-40% is work, 37% are families with children, 25% are children, 25%-30% are mentally disabled, 30% are veterans and 40% are drug or alcohol dependent. These homeless people live in abandoned buildings, areas under bridges, bus stations, cheap hotels, emergency shelters, subways, and the streets. There are 100 million people homeless worldwide. Some people start on the street and are stranded for a short time. Others are permanently out there for the rest of their life. Sometimes people that go out on the street do get homes but end up people, homelessness, housing, homeless, affordable, poverty, illness, health, because, addiction, work, violence, streets, pay, must, living, lack, increase, income, high, domestic, world, things, street, solutions, shelter, rent, push, public, poor, out, nlchp, mentally, mental, majority

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