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HOLI festival in INDIAHolifestival is one of the biggest Hindu festival in India, young and old peoples all celebrate it. Celebration: People will fire huge bonfire, through colours to eachother’s (People through colours into air is because colours represent the goods,and spilt colours on people means cleaning people’s evil.), people alsocelebrate Holi festival using LATHMAR (use sticks to hit (because in Hinduism,one of the woman god defeated a man from another country and saved her peoplefrom the evils)) Holi festival is a wonderful festival to bring people tocelebrate the good over evils. And Holi festival is also called the “festivalof colours”.  Holi festival spend twodays each time (Holi festival in 2018 starts in march 1st onto march2nd) Actually, each colour in Holifestival has its own meaning:” blue refers to vitality,red for love and happiness, green for harmony and orange for optimism…These are only a few of them, there’s still yellow, purple, orange…”         Now Holifestival was spread to the north already, but actually it starts from an event from Nepal (Nepalwater festival)         The nameof Holi festival come from Sanskrit, it means color and clean.

People worship Lama (a prince, becomesa god) in this day,because Lama killed the evil demo this day, so people worship Lama and thethink they have the purposeto clean the world, so they spilt colour everywhere (represent cleaning) as a ritual. In another hand,people liked to have some ceremonyin this day, because it means good and lucky.  

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