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History ofInternet The first network is created with thecreation of ARPANET in 1969.After that many networks are were developed (NPLnetwork ,Tymnet ,CYCLANDES ,Telenet).The Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP)is developed for data transferring. Thisallowed to communicate several computers through one network.

 Organizations in creating/maintaining internet standards·       W3c World Wide Web Consortium isknown as W3c.They are the ones who maintaining and modifies HTML.·       IETF Internet Engineering TaskForce is known as IETF. It is for develop internet standards. ·       IsocInternet society (Isoc) is a non profitable volunteerorganization that makes internet standards.·       IABInteractive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is an advertising business organisation,it’s a non profitable organisation. They give advices for online advertisingand they develops its standards.

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 Importance of layers in TCP/IPThere are four layersin the architecture in internet communication. This protocol defines how datahow data is received and sent through the network.  1.

  Application2.  TCP-Usedin transport layer3.  IP-Usedin network layer4.

  DataLink DNSResolutionWhat is a DNS? Its called Domain Name System.When a device(Computer, Smart phone, Smart tv etc.) connectedto a computer network, the network system gives a unique numeric number forit.

It is called as an ip address. ( we trying to reach a website by typing a web addressDNS comes to the middle of the  procedure, DNS converts that web address into a IP address.That is called DNSresolution.

Most of the time its done by a DNS server. Firewallsand Proxy Servers·       FirewallIs a methodused for protect out devices from the threats coming from a networkIt can be asoftware or a hardware component.Itrestricts the flow of network and logs about the dropped packets. It can filterincoming and outgoing packets.  

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