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has proven through the centuries that when an individual is not able to achieve
his desired set of expectations when growing and exercising his roles where he
is socially inserted, a new context will be aimed abroad. The emigration
process tends to start by selecting a destination where all – or almost all –
of those expectations will be probably filled. The immigrant can individually
present evident risks to the local society where he is trying to be inserted,
probably causing conflicts during the absorbing process. Approaching to this
point of view we can easily determine the main cause of resistance started by
the globalization: identity crisis, cultural intolerance and segregation,
resulting in possible and significant conflicts leading the individual to plan
what would be the chosen destination. (Lima, M. & Jaksic, F. M. 1999, p.

nations around the globalized world like Canada, promoted a society organized
under a very specific model, the melting pot, presenting some similarity to New
York during the early years, when immigrants from different countries arrived
in United States of America seeking better opportunities to meet personal
necessities or, to simply avoid extreme conditions like starvation and poverty.
In addition, considering a sort of social problems like cultural chock, it is
also proposed by Joyce D. Goodfriend (1994) that a more integrated society
could be built when together, citizens organize themselves to express a
collective opinion claiming for different causes like drugs legalization,
homosexual marriage also including protests related to any other specific cause
under a pacific form since the free speech right is exercised and supported by
Canada’s government democracy (Robinson, Ira 2015. 302 pp.).

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to a different perspective, scientifically and by performing a bizarre and yet very
accurate analogy, it is secure to state that a classical society model can be
compared to the physical world. In
other words, it is possible to draw parallels between the globalization changing
conservative communities and the interaction of chemical elements, which “are
the fundamental materials of which all matter is composed.” Sequentially, it is
understood that when one or more elements pass through a chemical reaction,
they will change their particular properties, resulting in one new reorganized
structure (TYLER, Roger John. 2017). The main reason is to not only to observe
this comparison, but to argue and state that by following this scientific and
orthodox chemistry concept, it becomes viable and accurate to state that when
and if, a conservative community pass through a social transformation, as
proposed by Horace Meyer Kallen, the majority inside it develops the capacity
of associating their social and cultural habits with different communities.
Therefore, a new identity for society would be achieved.

order to summarize and consider all presented points related to aim abroad and
start a new life in a totally different country, it is evident that this movement
primary consists in a very complex decision, involving elements like: economy
and stability, city’s infrastructure, public services like health and all the social
relation stablished between government, immigrants and locals. Referring to the
set of expectations presented, considering all personal objectives that failed,
life goals getting old and impossible to be achieved, a strong faith in love as
cure and the pure and strong desire to be happy, George Brown College was not
only the recognized institution offering a new attractive career but also can
be defined as the best decision for all individuals seeking prosperity without
having to worry about being safe in a beautiful wonderful nation.

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