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Hispanic Heritage Essay
America. “The Land of Opportunity – The “Melting Pot” of Cultures.” America’s variety in race has been one of its greatest strengths. Within all the different ethnicities that consist of America, Hispanics have had vital contributions towards the development of our heritage, rich culture, and the building of this great nation. The U.S. Census reports that “the number of Hispanics in the United States of America has exceeded 55 million, making it one of the nation’s largest ethnic minority.” That number has been said to triple by the year 2050! Florida alone is home to 5 million Hispanics. When we get a little closer to home in Hillsborough County, we can account for 1.5 million Hispanics and in Tampa, there are 350,000 Hispanics whose commitments to confidence and family have helped grow the significance of those values in our community. American Community has been influenced by Hispanic culture in several ways such as, military, education, medicine, and food. America along with Florida have become a livelier place to live.
Did you know that without the Hispanics, we wouldn’t be here? Many Hispanics fought valiantly alongside the colonists against the British in the War of 1812, which lead to the establishment of America. Not only that, in World War II over 400,000 Hispanics fought with the US Military. Now let’s get closer to home in Florida, Colonel Manuel Fernandez (born in Key West) was a prestigious military person who was awarded with numerous awards due to his service. Mr. Fernandez isn’t the only person who has contributed as much as he could to the United States. According to the US Census, approximately 160,000 Hispanics are on active-duty protecting you always. The Vietnam War was also a significant war that was fought with Eighty-Thousand Hispanics who fought with commitment and valor. All of these Wars could not have been won without Hispanics, and we should forever be grateful for it.
Hispanics are one of the most capable people in the world. They are multi-tasked and can strive to achieve whatever they put there mind too. For example, many Hispanics take careers as doctors. These amazing doctors have supplied us with numerous discoveries. In 1959, Dr. Severo Ochoa, a doctor from Madrid came to the United States and made ground-breaking discoveries in the field of genetics. He found RNA which is the building blocks of the cell. Without this discovery, we would not be able to advance in genetics, and started the basis of finding cures for illnesses that would never have been found without this discovery. Not all Hispanics had it easy, many Hispanics struggled at first but didn’t let that stop them. They persevered through life and inspired millions around the globe. Dr. Helen Rodriguez Trías was a phenomenal scientist who revolutionized being a doctor. As a child, she experienced bias for simply being Hispanic and was discriminated. Dr. Trías didn’t let that stop her and later went on to graduate from medical school at University of Puerto Rico with flying colors. A few of her achievements include becoming the first Hispanic to be elected president of the American Public Health Association. She also received a medal from the president for her work on behalf of woman and children in the United States. As you can see, Hispanics have contributed to the World with there research along with there inspiration to encourage others to do so as well.
Education was also a huge contribution by the Hispanics. Here in Florida, St. Augustine played a major role in the development in Education. In 1787, when the Constitution was being written, the Spanish open The St. Augustine School. This school laid the basis on what happens all around the United States and that was Public Education. Students of all races were able to attend that school. Once again, the Hispanics have redefined what happens all around the world! Last but certainly not least, would be Food! Hispanics have brought a variety of foods ranging from Enchiladas, Burritos, Tacos and so much more! Many of the restaurants in the US are Mexican based. Here in Florida, Epcot has a season where they bring awareness to the Hispanics and prepare awesome food. Hispanics have influenced what we eat!
Hispanics are overlooked by many, but as you can see, Hispanics have contributed so much to us and they ought to be awarded. My Legacy towards Hispanics would be giving the opportunity of Learning Spanish to adults and even children in which I would create different facilities to help students and even adults learn Spanish and set the precedent for these centers in the many years to come. America would not be the country it is right now, if it weren’t for the millions of amazing Hispanic People.

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