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Hiprofessor Zackory, My name is James Yates and this is my self-introductoryspeech.

There are seven days in a week, 52 weeks in a year and 988 weeks in my19 years of life. How you plan your time has everything to do with the outcomeof your life, the time you spend your past help your present and the time youspend in your presence will help you in your future. 10 years of my childhoodwas spent playing soccer and those 10 years will be the most memorable momentsof my childhood. I still remember the day when I was putting on my cleatsbefore a game bought me. The drum rush I would get from scoring a goal and thebonds I created with my teammates, soccer showed me how to let loose and havefun.

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Whenyou’re a kid you worry about being cool and fitting in and soccer just made me forgetabout all that nonsense but, as soon as those 6 years started they ended and anew chapter of my life began. Once I got to high school I retired from mysoccer team and started to work on a planner. A planner represent how manythings I have going on right now in my life, I go to college full time, I havea full time job and I have a social life just like many other people my agebut, I also chose a plan to represent my present because a planner allows you toplan out your next move and the next 5 to 6 years are planned out for me rightnow.

Mymain focus for that time period Is to go to school and get my bachelor’s degreein accounting, even though the next few years of my life are planned it out butmy future isn’t and I have no idea what the future holds for my education orfor my interest I could get my bachelor’s in accounting and then realize that’snot what I want to do with my life or it may not even take that long for me tochange my major, another thing is my girlfriend of four years may join the Navywhen she graduates from the Fashion Institute of Technology in one year, now it’sjust an idea but it could become a reality, I honestly don’t like thinkingabout the future because of how uncertain it is. I want to know what’s going onand I don’t want it to be a surprise, I just have to think of it this way, thedecisions I make now will help me find out what is going to happen later on inmy life, how you plan your time has everything to do with the outcome of yourlife. Thetime I spend playing soccer my past helped me create my moral value of doingthings for me and I don’t always have to fit in. The time I spent in my presentbusting my butt working and going to school will hopefully will hopefully makemy future brighter. A woman by the name of Stacy Charter One Said, life is allabout timing, the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable becomeavailable, the unattainable attainable have the patience waded out it’s allabout timing. Thank you and I really hope you enjoyed it.


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