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This is a chronology of notable deaths in 2013. Names are reported under the date of death. Names under each date are reported in alphabetical order by family name or pseudonym. Deaths of notable animals and other biological life forms are also reported here if they first have their own page. A typical entry reports information in the following sequence: Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, established cause of death and reference. December 2013[edit] 1 5tedit] 14[edit] Sir John Cornforth, 96, Australian chemist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1975). ] (death announced on this day) Wyn Roberts, Baron Roberts of Conwy, 83, Welsh politician, MP for Conwy (death announced on this date) 13[edit] Zafer ?¶nen, 92, Turkish film actor. [3] 12[edit] Chabua AmireJibi, 92, Georgian writer. [4] Barbara Branden, 84, Canadian writer. [5] Chang Song-taek, 67, North Korean politician, Vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission (2010-2013), executed. [6] Zbigniew Karkowski, 55, Polish composer. [7] Kim Ji-hoon, 32, South Korean pop singer (Two Two), suicide by hanging. [8] Mac McGarry, 87, American television quiz show host (It’s Academic), pneumonia. [9] Abdul

Quader Molla, 65, Bangladeshi politician and war criminal, executed by hanging. [10] Ezra Sellers, 45, American IBO cruiserweight champion boxer (2001-2002), heart failure. [11] Audrey Totter, 95, American actress. [12] Charles Marstiller Vest, 72, American academic, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 1 [edit] Nadir Afonso, 93, Portuguese geometric abstractionist painter. [14] Kate Barry, 46, British photographer, fall. [1 5] George H. Buck, Jr. , 84, American music industry executive. [16] Loretta Fuddy, 65, American health official, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, plane crash. 7] Luigi Menti, 79, Italian footballer. [18] Sheikh Mussa Shariefi, 71, Indian Islamic religious scholar. [19] 10[edit] The Child of Lov, 26, Belgian-born Dutch pop musician, complications from surgery. [20] Alan Coleman, 76, English-born Australian television director and producer (The Young Doctors, Neighbours). [21] Jim Corno, 66, American businessman, CEO and President of Comcast SportsNet Chicago, cancer. [22] Jim Hall, 83, American Jazz guitarist, composer and arranger. [23] Aryeh Levi, 80, Israeli military general. [24] Don Lund, 90, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers). [25] William L.

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Mallory, Sr. , 82, American politician, member of the Ohio House of Representatives (1967-1994) and House Majority Leader Luis Ortiz Macedo, 80, Mexican architect and researcher. [27] Herbert J. McChrystal, 89, American army general. [28] Rossana Podest?¤, 79, Italian actress (Helen of Sundarnath Suvarna, 60, Indian film director and cinematographer in Kannada cinema, cancer. [31] Srikanta Wadiyar, 60, Indian politician, leader of Mysore Kingdom and Wadiyar dynasty (since 1974), heart attack. [32] 9[edit] Dame Florence Baron, 61, British Jurist. [33] Kees Brusse, 88, Dutch actor and film director. 4] Simon D’Lima, 89, Pakistani school teacher and principal. [35] Norman Harding, 84, British trade unionist and politicial activist. [36] Shane del Rosario, 30, American mixed martial artist and kickboxer, complications from cardiac arrest. [37] John Gabbert, 104, American Judge, California Appellate Court (1970-1974) and Superior Court (1949-1970). [38] Joe Black Hayes, 98, American football player (Tennessee Volunteers). [39] Lynne Kieran, 53, British-born Austrian singer (The Rounder Girls). [40] Milton Olin, Jr. , 65, American businessman, Chief Operating Officer of Napster 2000-2002), traffic collision. 41] Eleanor Parker, 91 , American actress (The Sound of Music, Detective Story), pneumonia. [42] Lloyd Pye, 67, American author and paranormal researcher. [43] Shiva Regmi, 49, Nepali film director, kidney failure. [44] Peter Urban, 72, German translator. [45] Jacq Firmin Vogelaar, 69, Dutch writer. [46] John Wilbur, 70, American football player (Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins). [47] 8[edit] Orlando ?…lvarez, 78, Chilean lawyer and writer, Judge of the Supreme Court (1998- 2009). [48] Leonid Baranovskyi, 60, Ukrainian Soviet footballer (Chornomorets). 49] Mado Maurin, 98, French actress and comedian. 50] Shirley E. Flynn, 84, American historian (Cheyenne Frontier Days). [51] Don Mitchell, 70, American actor (Ironside, I Dream of Jeannie, CHiPs). [52] Hung Sin-nui, 88, Chinese Cantonese opera singer and actress. [53] Sandor Szokolay, 82, Hungarian composer and professor. [54] Richard S. Williamson, 64, American lawyer and diplomat, United States ambassador to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs. [55] John Wyker, 68, American musician 7[edit] Nadezhda Ilyina, 64, Russian Soviet Olympic bronze-medalist athlete (1976), traffic collision. 57] Eero Kolehmainen, 95, Finnish Olympic silver-medalist cross country skier (1952). 58] J?¶zef Kowalski, 1 13, Polish soldier, last surviving veteran of the Polish-Soviet War. [59] Jacob Matlala, 51, South African WBO flyweight and light flyweight champion boxer (1993, ?‰douard Molinaro, 85, French film director and screenwriter (La Cage aux Esther Streit-Wurzel, 81, Israeli author. [62] Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, 53, Indian comic actor. [63] Kei Suma, 78, Japanese actor, liver cancer. [64] Chick Willis, 79, American blues singer, cancer. [65] 6[edit] Georges Baal, 75, Hungarian psychoanalyst, director, actor, theater therapist and rofessor, heart attack. 66] Philippe Favre, 51 , Swiss racing driver, skiing accident. [67] Tom Krause, 79, Finnish opera singer. [68] Daniella Lehavi, 59, Israeli fashion designer. [69] Jack Purcell, 94, American trombonist and big band leader. [71] Nya Quesada, 94, Argentine actress. [72] Alan Robinson, 65, Canadian politician. [73] Stan Tracey, 86, British Jazz pianist. [74] M. K. Turk, 71, American college basketball coach (Southern Louis Waldon, 78, American actor (Lonesome Cowboys, Blue Movie, Flesh), stroke. [76] Kate Williamson, 83, American actress (Ellen, Disclosure, Dahmer). [77] 5[edit]

Pierre Aliker, 106, French Martinican politician and independence activist, complications from a fall. [78] Fred Bassetti, 96, American architect. [79] Jean-Luc Benoziglio, 72, Swiss writer. [80] Iryna Charnushenka-stasiuk, 34, Belarusian Olympic long Jumper (2008). [81] William B. Edmondson, 86, American diplomat, Ambassador to South Africa G??nther F?¶rg, 61, German artist. [83] Monte Fresco, 77, British sports photographer. [84] Barry Jackson, 75, English actor (Doctor Who, Wimbledon, Midsomer Murders). [85] Nelson Mandela, 95, South African anti-apartheid activist and politician, President (1994-1999), lung infection. 6] Danny Matt, 85, Israeli major-general. [87] Andy Pierce, 45, Swedish rock vocalist (Nasty Idols), cerebral hemorrhage. [88] Marvin Rabin, 97, American music educator and youth orchestra director. [89] David Vestal, 89, American photographer, educator, and author. [90] (death announced on this date) Colin Wilson, 82, English writer. [91] 4tedit] Hassan al-Laqqis, Lebanese paramilitary officer, senior commander of Hezbollah, shot. [92] Robert Allman, 86, Australian operatic baritone. [93] Paul Aussaresses, 95, French army general. [94] McDonald Bailey, 92, British Olympic sprinter (1948), bronze medalist (1952). [95]

Henry Cubitt, 4th Baron Ashcombe, 89, British peer. [96] Charles Grigg, 97, British comics artist (Korky the Cat, Desperate Dan). [97] Jos?© Esteban Munoz, 46, Cuban-born American academic. [98] Paddy O’Byrne, 83, Irish broadcaster (Radio 702) and actor. [99] Bill Porter, 81 , American door-to-door salesman (Door to Door). [100] Joana Raspall i Juanola, 100, Spanish Catalan writer. [101] Alexander Rennie, 54, South African Olympic slalom canoer (1992), plane crash. [102] Fred O. Waters, 86, American photographer (Associated Press). [103] 3[edit] John Albery, 77, British chemist and academic, Master of University College, Oxford

Fernando Argenta, 68, Spanish Journalist, musician and presenter, pancreatic cancer. [105] Gene Clair, 73, American sound engineer. [106] Dick Greuel, 85, American politician, member of the Alaska House of Representatives (1953-1961), speaker Ronald Hunter, 70, At-nencan actor (Along Came Polly, Law & Order, The Big Bang Theory), heart and kidney failure. [108] Niilo Koponen, 85, American politician, member of the Alaska House of Representatives (1983-1993). [109] Norbert Kuchinke, 73, German Journalist and actor (Autumn Marathon). [110] Reda Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed, 61, Egyptian military leader,

Commander of the Egyptian Air Force (2008-2012), Minister of Military Production Avo Paistik, 77, Estonian cartoonist, film director and painter. [113] Edo Patregnani, 75, Italian footballer. [114] Ida Pollock, 105, British romance novelist. [115] Sefl Rivlin, 66, Israeli actor and comedian, cancer. [116] Frank Rozendaal, 56, Dutch ornithologist. [117] Sacha Sosno, 76, French sculptor and painter. [118] 2[edit] William Allain, 85, American politician, Governor of Mississippi (1984-1988), Attorney General (1980-1984). [119] Antonio Ansola, 82, Spanish footballer (Real

Ivan B?¤cher, 56, Hungarian writer and Journalist. [121] Bill Beckwith, 38, American contractor and actor (Curb Appeal), motorcycle collision. [122] Liam Connor, 58, Irish Gaelic football player (Offaly). [123] Marcelo D?©da, 53, Brazilian politician, Governor of Sergipe (since 2007), cancer. [124] Brian Hitchen, 77, British Journalist, Editor of the Daily Star (1987-1994) and Sunday Express (1994- 1995), traffic collision. [125] Salim Kallas, 77, Syrian actor and politician. [126] Toshiko Karasawa, 102, Japanese politician, member of the House of Representatives Gary Leadston, 72, Canadian politician, cancer. [128]

Junior Murvin, 67, Jamaican reggae singer (“Police and Thieves”). [129] Joseph Napolitan, 84, American political consultant. [130] Bekhithemba Ndlovu, 46, Zimbabwean football manager. [131] Mary Riggans, 78, Scottish actress (Take the High Road, Balamory, Dear Frankie), complications of a stroke. [132] Pedro Rocha, 70, Uruguayan footballer (Penarol, S?¤o Paulo FC). [133] Katsumi Sat?¶, 84, Japanese human rights activist, pneumonia. [134] Vernon Shaw, 83, Dominican politician, President (1998-2003). [135] Christopher Evan Welch, 48, American actor (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Master, Rubicon), lung cancer. [136]

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