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Hello, My name is Ana Flores and I am currently a junior that is majoring in Molecular Biology with a minor in physics and live in a small suburb called Carlstadt. From my previous experience in both history classes and also any external reading material about the Underground Railroad, I would say that I have some type of knowledge as to what it was but cannot necessarily detail its path or can pinpoint given dates since its been awhile that I’ve been taught about this movement.

Although, I do know that one of the most prominent figures that is correlated to the underground railroad would have to be Harriet Tubman due to her constant guidance in freeing slaves by showing them how to follow the paths that are routed in the underground railroad. Generally, Harriet Tubman was born on a plantation as an enslaved African-American, who throughout her entire life was subjected to laborious work and lack of human rights. Being forced to live this life is what molded her in striving for freedom and why she aided anyone who was also stripped of this basic right the same justice of liberty by the usage of the underground railroad. Mainly, the underground railroad was a route that was used by fugitive slaves to escape their masters and to live in lands were slavery wasn’t attested in hopes of living as free people. At this time in history, there was a progression called Abolitionism that pushed in ending slavery all around the country but still wasn’t successful in eliminating slavery during the earliest days of Tubman life. This is why she had to use the railroad to seek asylum from the conditions that slaves were subjected towards even at the risk of being caught and beaten.

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Yet, later in life she would become a major figure in the Abolitionism movement during the Civil War  and is known as one of the most noted in history due to her work in ending slavery. During, her lifetime she was able to aid hundreds of slaves by guiding them to the direct path towards what many refereed to as the “promise land” since it was the only place that would accept slaves as people rather than laborers. These routes that were taken by many fugitive slaves were secretive in nature to ensure that no one would get captured. Along these path there was also places were abolitionist would aid these slaves by giving them shelter and food.

Many of these stops were surveyed by navigating slaves such as Tubman herself to make sure that people weren’t  abusing their position or was a trap for more slaves to get captured. There were also other abolitionist that would give horses and offer wagon rides as well to fugitive slaves that were taking the railroad due to the fact that many of them would be traveling by foot for long periods of time in possible harsh weather conditions. The amount of slaves that used the underground railroad would most likely be in the thousands and the effect it had in the abolitionism movement and the ending of slavery is heavily detailed in the narrative of slavery in our country’s history. 

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