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January 2018

Cause and Effect of the Brexit

            The “Brexit” is a shorthand saying that
means the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union- Britain is to exit. The
United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union due to the results of
the vote taken on Thursday, June twenty-three, of year twenty-sixteen. Alex Hunt
and Brian Wheeler of BBC News explain, Leave won by 51.9%
to 48.1%. But what is the reason that this all came about? How come the United
Kingdom decided to leave the European Union? Bloomberg explains a logical
reason for this huge decision in stating, The way many
Britons saw it, the EU was expensive, out of touch and a source of uncontrolled immigration.
This leads to the major cause of the decision of the United Kingdom to leave;

             Before the decision to leave, the United
Kingdom was the third largest country by population in the European Union, and
second largest by economic output, thus drawing many people to the United
Kingdom. By 2011 the population of England and Wales foreign-born residence
grew to nearly double the size it had been in 1991. Overwhelmed by the wave of
immigration, the United Kingdom realized the only solution to the problem of overpopulation
was to leave the European Union.

the decision has been finalized of the United Kingdom leaving the European
Union, there are several effects that could possibly occur. One being that
there are citizens of the European Union living in the United Kingdom, and
United Kingdom citizens living in the European Union. BBC News continues in
saying that European Union citizens in the United Kingdom will be able to
continue their work and daily living as they have done. The United Kingdom
citizens will also maintain their current rights. The proposed cut-off date of
Brexit is March twenty-nine in the year twenty-nineteen for the covering of the
rules. BBC News explain, Babies born after that
date to people who have qualified under these rules will be included in the
agreement. EU citizens legally residing in the UK and UK citizens in the EU
will be able to leave for up to five years before losing the rights they will
have as part of the proposed Brexit deal (Hunt and Wheeler).

            A second effect caused by the United
Kingdom leaving the European Union is basically the goal they had been hoping
for. The United Kingdom’s growing population has slowed significantly since the
vote for the Brexit. A large part of the slowing in population is due to an
increase in emigrants from the United Kingdom by citizens of Poland and other
European countries. There were still 230,000 more people coming to live in the
UK than leaving in the year to June 2017, according to the latest estimates –
still way above the government’s target of 100,000 but 80,000 below the
previous year, according to BBC News, Hunt and Wheeler.

            Other effects of the United Kingdom
leaving the European Union are smaller things, but may take some adjusting.
Such as a slowing in economic growth, less help in pay for public services due
to less immigrants, and even makes selling things to other European Union
countries harder. It will also be a harder adjustment for big businesses. This
is because with the United Kingdom still part of the European Union, it was
easier to move people, money, and products around the world. 

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