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External factors include but are not limited to inhaled toxins, including smoke, chemicals, and fumes; irritants that can be inhaled, ingested, or contacted through the skin; noise, light, motion, and any objects or substances one may encounter in the home, schools, or workplaces, or while shopping, traveling, or carrying out normal activities. Nursing Process Step: Data Collection (Assessment) Cognitive Level: Evaluation Category: Health Promotion and Maintenance?Sub Category:When giving an inhaled medication, auscultate the lungs for adventitious sounds and measure the oxygen saturation of the blood with pulse oximetry before and after giving the treatment.

? If you are giving a diuretic such as furosemide (Lasix) for congestive heart failure, auscultate the lungs, assess for peripheral edema and jugular venous distension, and weigh the patient daily.1. Determine the extent and complexity of client needs or the nature of the work to be delegated. 2. Identify the employee to whom tasks or duties are to be delegated. 3.

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Determine that the work is consistent with the employee’s position description and normal duties. 4. Clearly communicate expectations and desired results using concrete, measurable terms; convey trust and sufficient authority.

Tell your delegatee what intended outcomes or processes you have in your mind. Discuss these expectations until you believe the delegatee comprehends them.5. Obtain the employee’s voluntary acceptance of the work request. 6.

Keep communication lines open while providing needed direction, instruction, and supervision. 7. Compare actual results with desired goals; give constructive feedback and praise to reward the employee’s efforts. Seek feedback on your job of delegating. 8.

Constantly work toward increased productive use of time and resources and efficiency required to provide cost-effective quality care. Practice, practice, practice!

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