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Cabbage Or Packaged. A lot of times we as people have choices to make and most often these choices involve what types of food we eat. As growing up most times when a child has a donuts and a carrot in front of them they will often choose the donuts. Why? Because the nature of a child even as a baby is to eat what is attractive to them and what looks good.

So if a baby sees a big Juicy burger and then his mom tries to feed him green beards he will probably throw a fit until he gets his burger.So many of us have the question how do our children develop these good eating habits?. The answer is to expose them to healthy foods. Don’t just give them for dinner the fries, you should also give them the veggies and the fruit. By exposing them to these healthy foods they will be used to them and they will become a lifestyle, and they will have these healthy eating habits throughout their lives.

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We can make them more attracted to these healthy choices by 1.If we our selves eat healthy and encourage them to do so too 2. By making the veggies and fruit and other healthy dishes look attractive to them and colorful 3. Still giving them treats here and there because if you don’t allow them to let go once in a while they will Just not want to eat healthy at all and eat Junk food instead. All this can help us and our children make the right decision about what to put in our bodies. Monday, March 19, 2012 healthy choices By elaboration

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