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Health education is giving people information for example the angers and consequences of smoking, this allows people to then go on and make their own life choices whether that’s to risk smoking or to stop/not smoke. Some people may make their own life choices around there beliefs and religion. Health prevention is broke down into three areas, these are primary which is to avoid and remove any chances of actually getting a disease/illness, this could involve talks such as a drugs and alcohol talk to young people in schools or posters and campaigns about disease.The secondary part is to diagnose any disease/illness early to prevent it getting NY worse and causing damage, this would be by recognizing symptoms at an early stage for example taking someone’s blood pressure. The secondary section may include support groups for people. The third section is called ‘tertiary prevention’, this is where someone has already been diagnosed, this stage helps to reduce and control the disease/illness for example diabetes needs to be controlled by different ways such as pills, needles and eating the correct foods.

According to target jobs ‘health visitors are registered nurses who are expansible for the promotion of health and social well-being and for the assessment of individual and community health needs within a specific practice area’ ‘Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health’, states the world health organization ‘Health visitors aim to promote good health and prevent illness by offering practical help and advice’ according to your doc medical.For example if a woman was struggling with breast feeding, a health visitor would give advice and support on how to breast feed and what she should know. In order for someone to become a health visitor, experience is required in either midwifery or nursing with qualifications, and they will have a minimum of years’ post registration experience and further training and education in child health, health promotion, public health and education.There are pathways to take in universities to allow someone to become a health visitor, which can be studied at undergraduate degree, postgraduate certificate/diploma or masters degree level, these sort of courses usually take around either one year full time or part time being two years. Topics such as counseling, social policy, public health, health promotion and community practice will be covered as well as experience in placements.Also if someone wishes to become a health visitor with no qualifications in midwifery or nursing, but they have good experience in professional childcare, there are training programmer to take which lead straight into Health Visitor training, otherwise a full three year programmer of nursing and midwifery training is required to apply to be a Health visitor.

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A health visitor’s job role is to prevent any risks a baby may face; the job role mainly focused on working with a range of families and a new born after 10 days unless a baby is unwell and must have to stay in a hospital.They stop working with families when the children reach the age of 5 unless the family has problems and would there for carry on supporting them. Health visitors would mainly visit new mums or teen mums more as they are less experienced and have less knowledge than mums of more than one baby. A health visitor’s job includes judging whether an environment is safe and healthy for a baby to be in and grow up in, for example they will look for health and safety hazards such as sharp corners or small objects.

Health visitors also include giving professional information and answer any queries a parent may have, for example a health visitor may give lots of information on ammunitions such as what they are? Why they need them? Do they come with any side affects? They give lots of information on areas such as; breast feeding, bottle feeding, weaning, cot death, feeding routines, how to stimulate a baby, height and weight, medical advice, immunization, education and safety.They will give physical and development checks and offer and give support for families who may be suffering from natal depression. A health visitor will usually work 8 hours, 9-5 depending on whether a family can be available on that time, encase they can’t Health visitors job role also includes running drop in clinics for parents and their child to go to seek advice and be advised on their child’s development such as growth. Also they may drop in to talk about any family issues they are experiencing.If a family is having any problems or issues then it’s the health visitors job to provide advice and support also they may refer their clients to other services for example if a health visitor noticed a child struggling with their speech and language development they may refer them to a speech and language therapist. A health visitor will work in a range of different settings for example different clients homes; they will differ as people come from many different backgrounds.

A health visitor may visit a range of different organizations such as different clinics, children centers, GAP surgeries and different therapists.Health visitors are paid on band 6 and band 7 of the INS, salaries vary for lath visitors as it depends on how long someone has been working as a health visitor or whether they are a manager or a specialist. Specialists and managers can earn up to EYE,ASS a year, whereas a newly employed health visitor may earn up to EYE,528 which may lead a salary of EYE,1 89 a year. Salaries can also be affected on locations, according to prospects ‘ High cost area supplements are payable for inner London (20% of basic pay), outer London (15%) and fringe areas (5%), subject to minimum and maximum payments’.A health visitor needs skills in order to do their job effectively. A kill is defined as a ‘Proficiency, facility, or dexterity that IS acquired or developed through training or experience’ according to the free online dictionary. A person learns and develops skills for example driving; it requires time to learn how to drive. A health visitor requires many skills within the job role that they have to learn and train for.

I am going to talk about some skills that health visitors have. The first skill I am going to be talking about is effective communication. Health visitors require effective communication as the job role involves bonding with families; they need the ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds as their job role requires working a range of different settings for example wealthy families and families who live in poverty.

Effective communication skills are essential as the health visitor needs to be able to relate and listen to their clients for example if a client has any worries or queries about a situation.Also a health visitor needs to be able to pick up on any issues or developmental problems a child may have, so therefore the health visitor needs good communication skills to be able to pick up on any problems. A client needs to be able to fully understand any information that they are being given by the health visitor so therefore they need to be able to communicate clearly and in ways different people can understand.

* Driving -? As I mentioned earlier a health visitor’s job role requires visiting different families and running drop in clinics.Driving is an essential part to the job role as they need to be able to travel many different places to visit different families for example families who live in a city area or a rural area and relying on public transport may not be an option due to appointment changes and whether a family may be available at a time public transport was available, this could mean families were missing vital appointments and could lead to a health visitor missing any developmental problems a child may have.Also a health visitor needs to be able to run drop in clinics and public transport may not be available at a later time. * Team work – A health visitor has to have the skill of working as part of a team and also independently. The job role requires both, as a health visitor will often visit families on their own and they need to be able to trust their own judgment without needing to ask a second person for an approval.A situation may occur when another health care worker may have to work alongside and visit families with the health visitor, also if a child may have a problem then a health visitor could refer that child to another organization for their benefit, so they need to have the ability to work in partnership with other organizations for example schools, they may require information from a school to see if a child is having problems she may be concerned about or to see if a child is improving.Organization skills – Health visitors and families organism a time when they are available for an appointment, so therefore it is important for a health visitor to not get appointments mixed up and miss appointments as important appointments could be missed for example weighing a child to see if it is putting on enough weight or height checks in case the child is not growing as fast as it should be.So it is important for a health visitor to have to correct equipment such as a diary’ etc to organism dates to make sure they are not going to clash with other appointments.

Other organizational skills a health visitor requires is the ability to organism a drop in clinic making sure they are there on time, and haven’t confused the times, also making sure that their clients to about it. As well as skills, a health visitor requires qualities in order for them to do their job effectively.A quality is something that you do not learn or train for; its something that you are born with. Health visitors need certain qualities In order to become a good health visitor such as; * Trustworthy – Health visitors need to be trustworthy so no confidentiality is broke. Their clients need to have trust in them to build effective relationships whilst they are visiting them, a client must be able to trust the information the health visitor is giving, and when they may make their own judgment on their child’s development.

Also if a health visitor could not be trusted with turning up on appointments on time, then complaints would be made and there would be no trust. * A health visitor needs to have confidence in order to build relationships with their clients and use their own judgment for example if a lath visitor was quiet and used a closed body posture as they had no confidence then this would cause barriers between the client and health visitor making it much more harder for the client to build relationships and trust. A health visitor should be supportive in the job role especially for new mums that lack knowledge and may worry as they want the best for their child, if a knows that their health visitor is there for them supporting them then they may gain confidence knowing that someone is there to help, this will help the client and health visitor build relationships between them. Environmental health practitioners (Peps) act as advisers, educators, consultants, managers and enforcement officers, ensuring people are able to live, work and play in safe, healthy environments’ according to prospects. Environmental Health Officers or Shoes are responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing health policies’ according to prospects.

An environmental health officer will usually work 9-5, 5 days a week but might often have to make these hours flexible and work more. They may also be put on call, which could be night hours, weekends or through the week. They may e on call for many reasons such as accidents in a work setting.An environmental health officer requires many responsibilities such as; looking into and keeping track of pollution and radiation levels, giving advice such as advice on health and safety issues on a new building, looking unto work place accidents, dealing with customers complaints, health and safety inspections and organizing removal of abandoned vehicles and refuse, they should be capable of dealing with food safety, environmental protection, housing standards noise pollution control and health and Safes in work settings.

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