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In the United States, Health care reform is designed to help make health care insurance affordable for Americans. Due to recent presidential elections, no one can seem to agree on a resolution to help promote platforms.

In this paper it will discus ways health care reforms have expanded access to health care.The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act was created and signed to ensure that Americans will have access to health care at an affordable cost as to control the constant rise of cost in health care. With this act it allows people to obtain insurance with pre-existing conditions as well as dependent coverage for people up to the age of 26. Meaning a child who is on their parents insurance is allowed to be on it until they reach the age of 26 then they must go on their own insurance.There are many factors that can influence someone’s ability to be able to obtain health care. Such as Age, because there are certain physicians who only treat children or treat elderly. Income can have an impact as well because if someone is need to see a specialist for any specific reason there may be out-of-pocket expenses due to the fact that there insurance doesn’t cover the visit or may not cover much of it.

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Transportation can be an influence as well, depending on the type of insurance someone has they may have to travel farther to see a physician because they are the only ones who take there insurance. If patients are unable to receive the care they need then diseases will continue to spread or people will continue to get sick and it will cause headache to the health care systems.According to HealthPAC (2001-2014), “Universal health care is the belief that all citizens should have access to affordable, high-quality medical care.”Universal health care programs require that some form of government be involved in funding the program, there laws determine what type of care is provided, to whom it can be provided to and determining the type of coverage (“Healthpac”, 2001-2014).Insurances such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are health care insurances that have been put into place to help older American or even disabled Americans. This insurance are a main part of our health care because over half of Americans are disabled or over a certain age that qualifies them for Social Security or Medicare.I personally haven’t gotten to experience Obama care or had to deal with it.

I actually have never had insurance but with my new job I obtained, they provide me with insurance for a low cost each paycheck. I haven’t had to se it yet so I’m not sure how it works or how they justify out-of-pocket expenses or deductibles. I can say that I’ve seen firsthand how insurances are working. Patients who come in an have surgery have out-of-pocket pre pays on there surgeries and the lowest cost I’ve seen is $200.

00 but nothing below that.Not only that once a person has surgery and the claim is sent to their insurance company they only pay a certain amount to the doctor before writing off the rest of the balance. Someone who has a $3000 dollar surgery the insurance may only pay for $1000 of it and will write off the rest or even a portion of it and make the patient pay the rest after they have already paid a pre-pay.I really don’t think it’s fair how Obama Care is making people obtain insurance; I haven’t had insurance my whole life and honestly didn’t have a problem with it. It didn’t seem to be big deal and now that I do have it I haven’t even used it, so I’m wondering the purpose to it.In conclusion, health care reform in America is a solution that has been around for many years and should be addressed to give Americans the care they need.

America is the only country that does not offer universal access. There have been several Presidents that have proposed many new concepts to address the issue at hand but no one can agree upon anything. People’s access to health care is influenced by a lot of things such as Age, Income and dependency. Seeing all of this has affected how I look and think upon our health care systems in America.

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