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Discuss trend(s) that have directly impacted the U.

S. population and health care over the last 50 years. Provide specific details.

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The trends that have directly impact are the chronic illness, obesity, diabetes, aging, smoking, health care spending, other diseases that could reduce life expectancy, and maybe living a little longer. As we see the result on rise which is obesity which we have unhealthy people who are not eating the right foods, which can lead to diabetes and many more chronic diseases.Obesity is on the rise, because what we eat and that we are not being educated on the things that will harm your body or we chose not to get help from a doctor. When we chose not to get the education we need it leads to other health issues like swollen of the ankles, kidney failure, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, headaches, shortness of breath, and cardiovascular.

This is very alarming because this is part of the rise on healthcare spending and why our premiums are up. These diseases cause us to be put on medication for the rest of our live or help us to work on our bad habits to get ourselves off of medications.Not only Obesity on the rise we have smokers that are obese, or diabetes is smoking and they are at a higher risk than a non-smoker. Another rise is that we hear more about people dying from cancer, and having strokes. Determine one (1) important factor that has had the greatest impact on the health care utilization pattern (s). Expenditures has an impact on the health care industry, looking at this article “Health expenditures increased from 12. 2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) to 13.

5 percent in l997 (Levit et al.1998), and they are expected to reach 16. 6 percent of GDP in the year 2007 (Smith et al.

1998).The devotion of a large percentage of the total GDP to health costs is a concern because such dollars are then not available for other needs”. It also increases expenditure growth, on some things we see on the rise are as follow, “health care spending rising, health services and supplies, hospital care, nursing home care, prescription drugs, private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and health care coverage”.Some doctors will not accept Medicare because of not being paid on time.

So when we have a rise in expenditures, we have low income and unemployed who can afford the right kind of health care, then we have the trend of people not eating right, cancers, strokes, obesity, smokers, diabetes, and many more chronic diseases will start to develop as the years goes on and the rise for health care to go up every year.What can we do to stop this, hopefully we can get people to eat right, stop smoking, be more active, see the doctor to prevent any chronic diseases, and hope that low income families and unemployed will have good health insurance to protect them from any chronic diseases. References (Unknown Author), Health Care Utilization and Expenditures, www.

edu. learnsoc. org

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