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The national health care spending in the United States every year has cost the government and taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. Health care costs are rising and is having a dommino effect on everyone. Health care spending in the United States has been a problem for many years that may lead to an unpredictable future about the economic needs of the health care system.

This paper will discuss the position and thoughts on national health care spending in the United States on information the current level of national health care expenditures, whether the spending is too much or not enough, where the nation should add or cut expenses and budgets. Explain how the public’s health care needs are paid for, such as being financed by various payers, while indicating the percent of total expenditures they represent. Also, to discuss a forecast of the future economic needs of the health care system, what needs must be addressed, and how to envision the needs financially.

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My view of the national health care spending in the United States is the rate of how health care costs are rising drastically and many people without medical care and medical insurance is wreaking havoc in our society and the income and funds for health care is not enough to cover what is needed. In today’s health care hospitals rely on charitable donations, managed care plans, third party-payer, and self-pay. Both medical offices and patients are having difficulty paying medical bills because of the rising costs of medical supplies and charges.

President Obama has passed a few health care reforms and many wonder if it may throw us in to a deficit or help our health care system in the future. Our government is still looking for a solution or a new approach on how to control budgets and costs because of the previous setbacks that the health care system has experienced. As stated in the Los Angeles Times, the government drew up an estimate of health care spending grew to a record 17. 3% of the United States economy last year, marking the largest one-year jump (Los Angeles Times, 2010).

In the year 2009 $2.5 trillion was spent estimating $134 billion more was spent the previous year, when health care consumed 16. 2% of the gross domestic product, according to an annual report by federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Los Angeles Times, para 2. )

These numbers show us rising costs that hurts both businesses and patients based on economic woes. Just looking at the numbers shows that advanced technology, the era of baby boomers, an increasing number of individuals without health care insurance, and never ending rise in health care costs has lead us and other parts of our economy into recession.

As years go by, the government is spending an increasing amount of money that is too much where we don’t realize where the funds are being allocated. Every year there is a drastic increase in health care spending and at the same time there are individuals with no health care insurance rising because of unemployment and small business going out of business. The government covers elderly people and low income individuals that there are so many people in this category that the health care expenses have quadrupled over the years. Billions of dollars are spent every year that the funds may not be dispursed as appropriate.

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