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Health Care reform in the State of Massachusetts could be viewed by many as an advance toward a better way of live in United States. At the same time many people have oppressed it. I believe that everyone in favor or in disfavor of the health reform of 2006 has had its reasons. Many of those reasons are valid reasons backed by knowledge and experience while others are just an opinions of other people that have been portrait to them, while an individuals do not fully understand what is it they really arguing.

The best place to start is to look at the big picture and compare the health industry around the globe. Compare the different systems in place and come up with the best one or hybrid of many. I strongly believe the Health Care system in the States is not the best one out there, by far. I would even say that is the worst one out of all other developed nations. I would present my arguments below and everyone can decide for them self’s. I will begin my research with researching the major differences in other developed countries, and compare them to the system in place in United States.

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Then I will compare and evaluate the changes that Mitt Romney did in his health care reform and will discuss if it working or does not. In the recent years starting with Bill Clinton administrations, then followed with Bush Administration there were a lot of talks and plans to change existing health care industry in United States. Each administrations had different objectives but has been shut down by the same people, Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries.Historically those two industries have been in favor of existing system, the system that provide them with healthy profits from and only offers befits to the wealthy not the people of middle or lower class. Massachusetts is the first state that was able to push a health reform pass those two industries, and as many would agree with me, they only did it because it was on the state level and not on federal.

I would start my argument with the question “What is Health? ” And why government would needs to be concerned with resident health at all.Health is the biggest asset of every person on this planet. If someone is sick all of the resources that are available to that person are going towards getting better. During the time a person is sick there are no talks about buying a new car or a house, going to work or plan a family vacations. Health or being healthy is a part of survival instincts that dominates over any other instinct we have. Furthermore being healthy is not only in the best interest of each individual it is also in the best interest of the country that this individual is living at.Any government of any country in the world should want their population to be healthy and educated. People that are healthy are able to work delivering the highest level of productivity.

Highest level of productivity affects the Gross Domestic Product as well as provides the highest tax revenue for the state. According to Forbes magazine United States is the world’s leading economy having the highest GDP per capita versus all other developed countries in the world. At the same time an interesting fact can be observed when comparing health care differences of United States with others.United States is the only wealthy industrialized nations in the worlds that do not offer the universal health care to its residents. Also very interesting fact is the cost of the health care in United States is much higher than in other developed countries.

In United States the average spending per capita is just over seven thousand dollars while in countries like Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom is right around three thousand dollars. Such a big difference comes from three main components.First is the cost of the regular presiders that are commonly performed by doctors to their potions, such us MRI that would cost about fifteen hundred dollars in US while can be done for just under a hundred dollars in Japan, or hip replacement can be done in Canada for under eleven thousands while in U. S. it cost on average almost thirty five. The second factor that influence is operating cost.

While United States proudly call itself the leader in health care industry its operating cost are significantly higher than in other countries.To compare US operating cost is twenty percent of each dollar spent, while in countries like Canada it is six percent, France is at four percent and Japan is the world leader at one and a half percent of each dollar. The final and most outrages difference that stands out the most is the fact that United States Government is the only government out all other countries mentioned above that allows insurance agencies to operate for profit from basic health coverage.However besides the fact the United states residents spend more on health care than any other industrialized country in the world the biggest and the main reason why current health care industrie gets so much attentions from the government is the fact that seventeen percent or more than forty six million of its resident are uninsured. While many of those that are insured would be denied health care services buy insurance company due to preexisting conditions or mistake in the application.

It would happen only if the insured person gets seriously sick or injured and the insurance company would have higher than normal medical bill to cover. Many politicians have attempted to make a difference in the current system but failed. The Mitt Romney was the only one who succeeded. Unfortunately not to the extent of other countries, but it is a start. Before Mitt Romney was able to push the bill into the law, there were about five hundred thousand people uninsured in the state of Massachusetts.The intention of the law was to lower overall cost of insurance in the state, to provide the coverage for those that are not insured. At the same time to offer insurance coverage with no premiums or deductible to those residents that are below three hundred percent of the poverty level.

Finally to offer insurance for free to those that make less than $9,500 a year. The bottom line Romney wanted to extend the health care to nearly everyone in the state. One part of Romney’s plan has worked very well. The statistics has showed that after the law has been passed the number of uninsured went from 6.4 down to 1. 9 percent.

At the same time there are many things that still need to be overcome. The main problem is money. How to finance the health care after the federal government subsidies run out next year, while the cost of the health care keeps rising year after year. While many sources of revenue, such as penalty from employers and uninsured are not bringing as much money as it was projected. Becouse of this shortages, the one of the fundamental principals of this law is about to be broken.

The cost for the premiums for paying residents are about to go up anywhere from seven to twelve percent.Considering all of this fact a lot of people think that Massachusetts reform is doomed. Personally I have been an advocate for Massachusetts reform as well as for the federal reform proposed by Obama. Even after reviewing all of the fact I still support both reforms because it is better than the system currently in place. At the same time I hope that federal reform would be more on fundamental level. I would like to see socialized health care reform in United States. I strongly believe that health of any human being should not be a profit to someone else.

The government should step in and start controlling the prices on health care services, as well as health insurance profits. There should not be any people who are denied health care and people should not be afraid to go to the doctor because they cannot pay the copayment. After all it is not normal to have the health care to be at 16 percent of GDP while over 1. 5 millions of American families are losing their home due to not being able to pay for their medical bills.

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