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What are some examples of ancillary services in health care? How do these ancillary services support the health care industry? Some examples of ancillary services in health care are; testing such as: laboratory, imaging, cardiac monitoring, etc. Therapies such as: dialysis, chiropractic, outpatient rehab, etc. Physician alternatives: such as walk-in clinics and urgent care centers. Post-acute hospital services such as: hospice, inpatient rehab, surgery centers, etc. Medical devices such as durable medical equipment, implantable devices, diabetic supplies, etc.

, and other services such as podiatry, transportation, and vision. Ancillary services support the health care industry by helping maximize practice profitability and better serve patients while providing quality medical care, often in the physician’s office or close by. These services are usually at a cost that is generally lower than those offered by hospitals, there for making it affordable.

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Discussion Question 2 Mary Happens is an 82-year-old Hispanic patient who has been admitted to the hospital. She has Medicare and Medicaid.What demographic factors should be considered in providing this patient health care? What is the effect of culture on prevention and use of alternative remedies? The demographic factors that should be considered in providing Mary’s care is her age, gender, living arrangements, risks of diseases, and ethnicity. Mary has Medicare and Medicaid because she will need to be covered if anything were to arise for instance being hospitalized or if she were to receive medical treatment at a doctor’s office. By having both Medicare and Medicaid for insurance Mary is most likely to be fully covered.; Where one company fails to provide the other will. This is rather convenient in case of an emergency. There are really no alternatives for her, unless she has alternative ways in paying.

The effect of culture on prevention and use of alternative remedies depends on Mary’s beliefs. Traditions, health beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors all play a role in the decision of alternative remedies. How do you feel about utilizing an urgent care center based in Wal-Mart or your local grocery store? Explain your feelings? I personally have never used an urgent care facility.But I can see where people that do utilize them find them beneficial and convenient. There are many benefits from what I can see to using urgent care; the wait time is shorter, they provide easy access to care seven days a week, they have extended hours, no appointment is necessary, and you receive more personalized care at a lower cost. The only down fall I see to this would be the lack of privacy. I couldn’t imagine an urgent care facility planted in the middle of a grocery store or a major franchise like Wal-Mart to have much privacy at all.

Kimberly Kimberly, I couldn’t agree with you more. A licensed practitioner that knows what they are doing respectfully, and whether or not the facility abides by the HIPPA laws would be my first concern when considering an urgent care center. You also made a very good point in regarding to having an UCC in a vicinity that could present more germs than normal. Let’s look at Wal-mart for instance, thousands of people walk through their doors everyday unknowingly carrying bacteria and viruses.

Not to mention the bacteria and parasites that would come in with the stock of the merchandise. Therefore making Wal-mart and whatever businesses within infested with a constantly increasing amount of germs. I’m curious to know whether or not there are any other negative factors that would play a crucial role in your decision. Why do you think the quality improvement initiatives are negatively impacting the community health centers? can you think of other healthcare facilities that created a demand for better technology and more availability?Why do you think the turn around is so quick anymore? Do you agree with it? In some cases I can see where releasing one from the hospital could be somewhat beneficial for the patient, than it would be to stay and receive care there. If you think about it there are so many chances of infection setting in. Hospitals are full of sick people and germs are carried in and out of the doors regularly.

I am aware that the homes of the patients are germ infested as well, but those germs are familiar germs that the person body more and likely has already developed immunity to.It may be better in some cases also for the person to be released because of the noise making it uncomfortable for people recover peacefully. It also may have nothing to do with the doctor’s decision to discharge the patient, but the patient’s insurance company.

Insurance companies only give a specific number of days of stay for specific illnesses. If you want to stay longer because you still feel ill, you may have to pay for days they don’t authorize. Insurance companies don’t look at the patient; they look at the diagnosis only.It’s a business decision, often not a medical one.

What job in the healthcare industry do you find the most interesting? What are the education requirements and salary ranges for this job? Although I am taking classes in Medical Administration the job I find most interesting in the healthcare industry is nursing. Nursing gives you a chance to positively impact people’s lives, and provides you with endless variety and constant change. Education requirements for Nursing can vary from one state to another; people interested in a nursing career will have to take a variety of courses.Students should be expected to take certain generic, physiology, anatomy and patient care courses. Registered nurses with an associate degree can earn an average of $40,000 per year, those with a bachelor degrees can earn up to $57,000 per year. Can you think of other things hospitals and physicians do to protect their medical license when dealing with patients that refuse treatment? Why do you think the interpreter can’t be related to the patient? Do you think this is reasonable? Why?

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