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Health care ALP BY abrogation One of the first people a patient sees when he or she go to doctor, hospital or nursing home. Having to keep a sympathetic attitude. While working in an emotionally charged atmosphere and under high stress a lot. They do have to perform one of the most needed service to society. Being a Licensed Practical Nurse ALP, may seem tough but its work is very gratifying. This is what I got out of my interview with a ALP.

Licensed Practical Nurse Alp’s, have a list of responsibilities. Before they get to that point they have to meet all the educational requirements. First off they have to high a high school diploma or a GEED. They must have a grade point average of at least 2. 5 or greater. Before taking the ALP classes you have to take some prerequisite classes. Once in the Licensed Practical Nurse ALP classes, they’ll learn hands on under supervision of the instructors.

Contemporary Health Issues, Medical Administrative Procedures, Emergency Medical Technology, English and/or Communications, Nursing Fundamentals, Patient Relations, First aid, Psychiatric Nursing, Anatomy, Principles of Patient Care: taking vital signs, collecting samples for lab tests, administering injections, also reading, understanding and updating patient charts, Physiology, Minor Surgical Procedures, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Growth and Development including Maternal and Child Health Care, Biology and Microbiology, Introduction to Pharmacology, Medical Terminology are all class you take while in ALP program.

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These class are step up to serve two purposes. One so they can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to comfortably pass the UNCLE-PAN exam and begin their career. Two is to train them to perform their nursing duties with confidence. Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) programs and classes vary from school to school, and state to state. No matter what school they attend in what state all Licensed Practical Nurses (Alps) have to get all the same fundamental skills. The must have skills for instance, a basic understanding of medical terminology, clear communication, and understanding of the human body.

A full time Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) program takes 6-12 months to complete. A part time Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) program takes 1 h year to 2 years to complete. It usually cost any were from $10,000 o $30,000 the tuition usually depends on if you’re a full time or a part time student. Most Licensed Practical Nurse Alp’s can work in any healthcare field, because they are trained in general medical knowledge. Most people start in this field before becoming a Registered Nurse (RAN). Licensed Practical Nurses (Alp’s) usually assist doctors directly or the Registered Nurses in the facility.

Some Alps assist in nurseries even labor and delivery rooms. Licensed Practical Nurses (Alps) perform many duties depending on where they are stationed. Most the time a Licensed Practical Nurse ALP) will gather and record the patient’s blood pressure, temperature, and weight just all of the patient’s vitals. So a Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) most have proper bedside manner. She says some doctors rude and don’t answer phone calls. Being a Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) helps to fill a worldwide need. That is information I gathered from Peggy Smith about becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP).

What I learned about her is she has been a Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) for years. Seen NAS worker at Connell Living & Inertia center, In Connell Arkansas Tort he past 10 years. She believes they don’t get enough hands on training and communication skills, to help deal with patients and their attitudes. She works in facility that provides both long term and short term care. They do not houses any acute care patients. They only house patients with serious illnesses or disabilities. The short term people are there to be prepared to return to there on living quarters. People who are there for short term rehab can only stay for 100 days.

They are usually there to recover from surgery. Some are there for short term respite care for rail disabled people. The patients get around clock care from Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. They provide all kinds of therapy to their patients. They also provide their patients with counseling services. When they have a patient that is showing sign of being worse in their condition they are sent to the local emergency room. The have the capacity of housing 70 patients but they only house 57 at the moment. The Connell Living & Therapy Center takes private Insures, both Medicare and Medicaid.

They allow each patient to make there mom as personal as they like. They don’t make a different in the people and how the pay, each room is the same. That’s why each patient is allowed to make their room as they like. The facility she works at has only has eighth Licensed Practical Nurses (Alps) on staff. They are paid $16 an hour there. They are responsible for patient care, passing medicines around, asset the patients, and taking patient vitals. They are responsible for taking in new patients and taking orders from the physician. They are also responsible for keeping the patients family informed with patients care and libeling.

Each Licensed Practical Nurse sends up to ours with each resident per day. The eight Licensed Practical Nurses (ALP) work hand in hand with the four Registered Nurses (RAN) and 33 Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN) and the uncounted number of volunteers that help with patients. In this facility the registered Nurses (URN’S) spends about 35 minutes to an hour with each patient a day. The Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN) spends about 3 hours and 8 minutes with each patients a day, some times more. So being an Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) has many awarding facts.

Once you take the time to make it through the Licensed Practical Nurse (ALP) program, and take the state exam. You will gain the satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping people in need. Those who become Licensed Practical Nurses (ALP) usually has the desire to help others and a sense of civic duty. Learning to be a Licensed Practical Nurse is a hands on kind of program. To be a good ALP you have to know how to communicate and interact with the patients as well as your peers and the Physicians. Doing this Interview I learn a lot about being an ALP and the care they provide to their patients.

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