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The place where technological advances matter the most is medicine, and in fact, it’s probably the first place you will see applications of the newest technology in the world at any time.

Of course, it’s only natural that technology should help human beings have a better life and benefit from the best possible medical care available. And here is where technology comes in. Top 10 Medical Gadgets Machines that analyze or come in our aid when we need them, machines that shorten the duration of medical procedures and reduce the risks involved.We call them medical gadgets, but in fact, they are lifesavers. 9. Zeo Sleep Manager Sleep is one of the most important processes in our lives. As a matter of fact, we sleep ? of our entire lives, but still, we don’t know much about this process. Sleep is vital to normal functioning in every life form, without it, we die.

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And the quality of our sleep sets the mood for our entire day.And so, you can understand how important it is. And that is where Zeo Sleep Manager steps in. 8.

BodyMedia FIT Armbands If you ever wondered just how much calories you burn in a day, or how much your walk to the office helps you stay in shape, then the BodyMedia Armbands will be something that you only dreamed about.State of the art sensors pick up even the tiniest detail and can send it to your smartphone for a complete graph of your calorie burn over the day. A great tool to have if you are preparing to take a diet.

You will end up running in the park to beat yet another record… 7. Panasonic R1-W Panasonic truly has “Ideas for Life”, for example, the R1-W Hearing aid. This top of the line hearing aid has so much tech that it can run circles around its predecessors. The R1-W brings to the table a host of new features, amazing sound quality and a great and stylish design, but with a user friendly interface. A greatmedical gadget for those that have problems with their hearing. •Revolutionary battery management – The easy care battery tool protects battery drainage while in the dehumidifier and batteries can last up to 300 hours •Voice memo recording option with Bluetooth Interface and microphone input •Record 5 files – 2 minutes and 40 seconds each •Patients can record reminders such as doctor’s appointments, phone numbers, etc •Broader fitting range – mild to severe hearing loss 6. Lifecomm Mobile Personal Emergency Response System All around the world, hundreds of people die every day because of the late intervention of medical staff.

Be it someone alone in their house with no means to call emergency services, or on the street where no one is around. It is a sad truth and something that can happen to anyone. Lifecomm MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency System) could change all of that. It consists of a cellular transmitter that you can carry around you all the time, small, easy to use and non-intrusive.

The MPERS is in fact a “panic button” that you can carry around you in 3 forms: a watch, a pendant or a belt clip, all very small and stylish. It has an impressive array of features that give you, most of all, peace of mind:•Automatic Fall Detection – Device sensors can detect an accidental fall and automatically connect the User to an Emergency Response Specialist. •Cellular Communications and GPS – The MPERS solution merges GPS technology with comprehensive wireless coverage, enabling the device to operate anywhere in or out of the home.•Expert Emergency Response Specialists – Users have one-button access to industry-leading emergency support services, ensuring proper aid is quickly received – 24/7/365. •Arrival/Departure Alerts – Using Customized Web Applications, the Caregiver can create up to ten location zones with the option to receive alerts whenever the User enters or departs a defined are. •Activity Overview – The User and Caregiver can monitor the “Number of Steps Taken” and “General Activity Levels” each day or for the past 30 days.•Find My Device – The User and Caregiver can receive help locating a misplaced device by using the Find My Device feature or by calling a Customer Care Specialist.

5. EarlySense Proactive Patient Care A dream came true for doctors and nurses all over the world. The EarlySense Proactive is a system that allows medical staff to fully observe a patient’s vital signs without the need to be in the same room.

The medical staff can monitor a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, movement and many more.The quick transfer of information and the ability to observe multiple patients at the same time have a great impact for hospitals and nursing homes, reducing the time between an accident and the response from the medical staff. This technology has the potential to save lives all over the world, and I would love to see them installed in every hospital in the world. A medical gadget that has potential to be used for individuals and hospitals all over the world.4. Xtensor From an exercise tool to a medical gadget that helps you rebuild thickened tendons, the Xtensor is a great tool for people who do repetitive motions, such as typing or guitar playing. These repetitive motions thicken the tendons in the arm and makes your muscles stiff.

Xtensor maximizes blood flow to these areas and regenerates the tendons to make them slick and flexible.As we grow older, the same damage to our muscles and tendons appears, and Xtensor can prove useful even in these situations. Making pur grip stronger than ever and out hands more flexible. One medical gadget ready to save your tendons. 3. Didrick X-Finger A great advancement in prosthetic limbs comes in the form of the Didrick X-Finger.The X-finger is a prosthetic finger that can operate just like a normal finger, offering finger amputees a chance of having a normal life again.

Didrick can produce custom fingers, but their ultimate goal is to allow its users to regain “complete control of the flexion and extension movements”. The X-finger is self-contained device and due to its silicone base, it imitates the natural movement of the finger with stunning accuracy. Features and Benefits Body-Powered – Because the device is body powered, there is no need for external power supplies.The components articulate simply by moving the residual finger when available or an opposing finger when needed.

The replaced phalanges will follow the natural bending pattern of a finger. Combined lateral and vertical flexion/extension movements can be independently and immediately restored. Easy To Use – The replaced phalanges articulate in a natural pattern when the residual finger moves. This allows users to immediately utilize the device successfully without having to learn to use the device.

The finger segments will articulate using the same cognitive process previously used to articulate their fingers. Realistic Articulation – The components of the X-Finger have been designed to not only look realistic during articulation, but to also bend a silicone finger sheath in a realistic manner as well. Spaces left in the grooves of the device when articulated, gently forces silicone finger sheaths to also bend in a natural manner.

Low Profile Design – The device has been designed to offer strength in the lowest profile design possible. All of the components of the assembly fit within the confines of a silicone finger sheath.A majority of the stabilizing system which runs along the surface of the hand is less than . 045?. Light Weight – While each X-Finger’s size is slightly different, an average adults index finger will weigh less than 10 grams for the entire assembly, excluding a silicone sheath. To give you a simple perspective, it is similar to the weight of 2 nickels for this particular device. A silicone finger sheath can weigh an additional 20 grams depending on the thickness of the walls.

Therefore choosing the X-Finger to articulate a silicone finger sheath will not add to the weight of most prosthetic finger rehabilitation scenarios. Easy to don and doff – While each amputation is slightly different causing various devices to be created, the ability to easily don and doff the device is extremely important to us.We will always create a device that can easily be applied with the opposing hand alone.

If we encounter a situation which requires more than one hand we will discuss all possibilities with you before proceeding. Users of the device can don and doff most of the embodiments in seconds using their opposing hand. If your patient has limited use of their opposing hand, please let us know so we can attempt to accommodate the patient in a way that allows them to utilize the technology more easily. Independent Control of Each Finger – Everyone’s individual uniqueness dictates the function and performance expected from their hands.Whether you are at work or play, independent control of each finger is a necessity with today’s lifestyles. We offer the first active-function artificial finger assembly in a self-contained device. The X-Finger will allow the user to regain complete control of the articulation of the device simply by moving their residual finger.

Benefits will include typing; playing a musical instrument or anything that requires the full dexterity of a hand.2. I-Limb I-Limb is a complete prosthetic limb that can mean the world to an amputee. It mimics the natural movement of the hand and allows its user to do just about anything they could have done with their natural hand. It comes in different designs, from full hands to 4 finger designs. The I-Limb promises a new life for amputees and it can certainly deliver on that promise due of its impressive arsenal of features: •Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures •Upgraded biosim-i and biosim-pro control software, with powerful new features •Three new tripod grips for increased user flexibility •Auto grasp feature to prevent objects slipping •Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity •Two i-limb skin active coverings.•Power management, extending daily battery usage by 25% •Dedicated clinical support for prosthetists and therapists 1. EPOC Neuroheadset EPOC Neuroheadset is a truly revolutionary system that promises a host of applications in many fields.

The headset has a unique human – computer interface that allows its user to wirelessly control a computer using only their mind. This gadget has the power to bring a new era for disabled patients who cannot move. It could allow them to operate an electronic wheelchair or a virtual keyboard and many more.The headset comes with games that allow users to better familiarize themselves with the human – computer interface.

They can manipulate virtual objects, create music or virtual environments using only their mind. These are just a few of the features that EPOC Neuroheadset has: •14 saline sensors offer optimal positioning for accurate spatial resolution •Gyroscope generates optimal positional information for cursor and camera controls.•Hi-performance wireless gives users total range of motion •Dongle is USB compatible and requires no custom drivers •Lithium Battery provides 12 hours of continuous use All of these medical gadgets have the power to ensure us a better life and medical care. Without the advances in technology, medical care would not be able to help patients. But seeing how technology is advancing, the future seems more bright and healthy.

Emotiv EPOC: Scientific contextual EEG Award winning Emotiv EPOC, designed for practical contextualized research applications, provides access to dense array, high quality, raw EEG data using our Testbench software and SDK. Conduct research using our APIs and detection libraries: Facial Expressions, Performance & Emotional Metrics, and Mental Commands Emotiv Insight: Emotiv Insight is a sleek, 5-channel, wireless headset that records your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data you can understand. Designed for everyday use, Insight has advanced electronics that are fully optimized to produce clean, robust signals anytime, anywhere.Insight introduces cutting-edge, proprietary dry polymer sensors that give you the same great electrical conductivity without the setup or saline. Pocket-sized Healthcare Gadgets You Can Use On The Go By Brian Voo. Filed in Web 2. 0 Ads by Google $0.

01 Web Hosting www. hostgator. com/1Penny Scalable, Secure Web Hosting. Try Our Award-Winning Service Now! It’s a new age for healthcare – medicine is getting more advanced and technology is helping us take better care of ourselves.As more and more smartwear are getting primed for monitoring one’s fitness, alongside their counterpart health apps, this opens opportunities for apps that help you monitor your health problems as well. Here are 10 healthcare gadgets that work with your smartphone to help monitor and manage serious health conditions like asthma, heart problems, diabetes and low blood oxygen levels.

They are also small and portable, so you can keep them with you at all times. However, some of them only cater to a specific mobile OS rather than for all platforms.Recommended Reading: 10 Cool Fitness Gadgets For Health Junkies 1. Tinke Tinke is a health monitor that allows you to see your heart rates, respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability.

These features allow you to monitor your fitness level and at the same time, also teach you how to relax and manage stress. It’s built for iOS devices and comes with 30-pin and lightning connector versions. Plugging it in and launching the app allows you to view the scans of the details and readings of your body. Price: $119 – Visit website Introducing It’s small. It’s light.Its unique design means you can take it anywhere and monitor your fitness and wellness anytime. All it takes is a touch of your finger, and it measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation level & heart rate variability http://www. dailymotion.

com/video/x15afdf_find-your-zen-with-tinke-health-monitor_t ech 2. Dario Within this portable glucose monitoring system, there’s a glucometer (glucose meter) that connects to the audio port of your smartphone. To use a Dario, just remove one of the 25 blood test strips and insert it into the meter.Dario also has a lancing device to draw blood for the test strip. The smartphone app will then tell you your blood sugar level and also tell you how much insulin is required based on the food information that you entered into the app.

Price: TBA – Visit website 3. Scanadu Scout We’ve talked about the Scanadu Scout before about its ability to inform you of your heart rate, skin and body temperatures, respiratory rates, blood pressure, electrocardiography, oxygen levels and also emotional stress. It was a very successful Indiegogo crowdfunded project and is expected to enter the market by the end of 2013.Price: $199 – Visit website 4. Biomeme Biomeme turns an iPhone into a mobile DNA lab that can detect diseases with its real-time qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) thermocycler – a lab-grade equipment that’s as powerful as it is pricey. However, Biomeme hopes to keep the costs of this device down, allowing small clinics to be able to own and use one as well. It works with an app that allows recorded data to be sent and retrieved.

There’s also an Android-compatible version in the works. Price: TBA – Visit website5. AirSonea AirSonea is a portable wheeze monitor that helps you track symptoms and manage your asthma.

By placing it near your neck, the data retrieved from your wheezing is sent to your phone to record breathing patterns and analysis. Besides that, the app also allows you to send updates to your loved ones or your doctor, can remind you to take your medication and inform you of what triggered your wheezing. Price: $169.

95 – Visit website 6. Alcohoot Alcohoot is a portable breathalyzer, powered by a rechargeable battery to measure your blood alcohol levels with the accompanying app.Consistent use throughout a drinking night can help track alcohol levels in the blood and help the user make better decisions at the end of the night. The app also has a list of nearby restaurants for you to sober up and also allows you to easily call a taxi to take you home safely. Price: $99 – Visit website 7. AliveCor If you need a quick electrocardiogram (ECG) reading on the go, AliveCor has created a smartphone case to help with that.The case has 2 sensor points at the back of the case.

By placing the fingertips on them, the device can give you an accurate ECG reading in 30 seconds through the app. The app also tracks your readings and can print it for a doctor to assess.It has compatible cases for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, and a universal attachment plate for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One, and the 5th generation iPod Touch. 8. Angel can not only work as your workout tracker and sleep monitor, it also acts as a heart timekeeper that detects irregular heart rates and alerts you accordingly.

The temperature sensor also detects ovulation, to help improve pregnancy chances, and sends a text alert if the person wearing it is about to have a fever. On top of all its onboard sensors, it’s also able to track blood oxygen levels.It’s supported with a smartphone app where data is transferred via Bluetooth. Price: $135 – Visit website Take control of your health Angel is a flexible wristband that can be worn 24/7.

Angel monitors your vitals and provides you with data that can be used to inform your lifestyle choices, leading to better health and physical fitness. Open for Innovation Angel is the first device designed with developers in mind. We are opening up communication protocols, API/SDK, and sensor data streams. Developers will be able to use Angel to create apps for iPhone, Android, and other devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy.Apps Most trackers for fitness and health are built for use by a single proprietary app.

Angel introduces an open technology meant to break this paradigm. Angel can be used with many existing apps, and hopefully, will inspire an abundance of new ones. The most important part is – the choice is yours! 9. Air. Air! Air. Air! is a portable device to measure air quality. It can detect particles in the air, minute trances of cigarette smoke and even diesel fumes.

With the app, you can set an alarm to alert you if air quality levels go below a specified level. Data from the device is transferred to the iOS or Android app via Bluetooth.It can be useful for consumers living in places with bad air conditions or engineers who work in areas of questionable air content, for safety purposes. Price: $59 – Visit website 9. Air. Air! Portable Air Quality Detector for Mobile Device It uses the new Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), so it can transmit data to any Bluetooth-compatible device. There is no need for internet access, because Air. Air! communicates directly with your smart phone.

Many cities have daily air quality reports, but these reports are very general. They usually do not include detailed information about specific locations. Air.Air! measures air quality on the spot, wherever you are. 10. Emotiv Insight The Emotiv Insight is a headwear that monitors brainwaves and translates electroencephalography (EEG) into meaningful data.

With the data acquired, it can help to improve your attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation, and also reduce stress levels. Readings are sent to a smartphone app, thereby giving you a better idea of all the readings and at which point of the day you are most productive. Price: $229 – Visit website http://www. dailymotion. com/video/x14x2a3_control-everything-with-your-mind_lifestyle https://www. kickstarter.

com/projects/tanttle/emotiv-insight-optimize-your-brain-fitne ss-and-per http://www. ted. com/talks/tan_le_a_headset_that_reads_your_brainwaves You might l Clinical Study Demonstrates that the EarlySense Continuous, Contact-Free, Patient Monitoring System Helps to Significantly Decrease Total Number of ICU Days and Hospital Length of Stay Clinical data presented at the ATS International Conference, Monday, May 21, 2012 in San Francisco May 21, 2012 05:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time ATS 2012 WALTHAM, Mass. & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EarlySense, a market leader nnounced today the results of a clinical study conducted at a Dignity Health Hospital.

The data was presented today in a poster presentation titled: Effect Of Contactless Continuous Patient Monitoring In A Medical-Surgical Unit On Intensive Care Unit Transfers: A Controlled Clinical Trial at the ATS International Conference in San Francisco by Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, a lead researcher from the Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. “Breakthrough technologies, such as contact-free patient monitoring systems, notonly provide a definite set of clinical and financial benefits but also enable the establishment of new and elevated standards of care which help our medical systems to keep patients in lower acuity environments in a safe and efficient way” The objective of the study was to determine the effects of continuous patient monitoring, using the EarlySense contact-free monitor, on the length of stay in a medical-surgical unit, ICU transfers and ICU length of stay for patients initially admitted to non-ICU units. The study was conducted in a 316 bed acute care hospital as a pre-post evaluation study.

The EarlySense system was positioned in a 33-bed medical-surgical unit including bed side monitors, a central nursing station display and integration with the mobile phones of the nurses. Just over 7,600 patient charts, 2,314 in the intervention arm and the rest from three separate control arms were reviewed. Comparing the intervention unit to the control unit, which did not go through with the intervention, outcome results showed a reduction in the average stay in the ICU of just over 2 days (a 45. 9% reduction) comparing the pre-intervention to the post-intervention, with a trend of a decline in the number of transfers. This resulted in a 47.

2% decrease in the rate of total ICU days for transfers between the pre-intervention and the post-interventions periods. Furthermore, length of stay of patients in the medical-surgical units was also reduced substantially following the intervention by a mean of 0. 4 days, a reduction of almost 10%. Dr.

Zimlichman said, “This large clinical study clearly showed that there was a substantial improvement in key outcome indicators. We believe, given the distinct trends resulting from the presence of the EarlySense system, that clinicians using the system respond to deterioration earlier and thus reduce the overall utilization ofthe ICU and the length of stay of patients on the medical-surgical floor. ” “At Dignity Health, we see the importance of partnering with young, innovative companies as they develop new technologies that support our goal of improving quality and creating new efficiencies that reduce the cost of care. This often requires leading by example and supporting efforts that study how novel mobile technologies help realize these goals. We are pleased to be part of the team developing this new approach to patient monitoring and are encouraged with the results of this study and the impact on patient safety.Acceptance at such a highly prestigious conference as ATS is clear evidence of its potential,” said Barbara Pelletreau, RN, MPH and Senior Vice President, Patient Safety at Dignity Health. “Breakthrough technologies, such as contact-free patient monitoring systems, not only provide a definite set of clinical and financial benefits but also enable the establishment of new and elevated standards of care which help our medical systems to keep patients in lower acuity environments in a safe and efficient way,” said Dr.David Bates, Chief Quality Officer and Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Executive Director of the Center of Patient Safety Research and Practice.

Dr. Harvey Brown, Clinical Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and a principal investigator of the EarlySense clinical study, said, “After seeing the EarlySense system used on thousands of patients, we were not surprised by the results. We have seen a large number of cases in which clinical teams used alerts by the system to provide more rapid and effective intervention.These documented team ‘saves’ included cases of respiratory depression, sepsis, arrhythmias and gastrointestinal bleeding. Furthermore, the EarlySense 33-bed unit provided our medical staff with an alternative to Telemetry for those patients who did not require continuous EKG monitoring, but were at risk because of advanced age, comorbidities, trauma, recent ICU stays or non-elective surgery.This helped reduce the demand for Telemetry beds and provided continuous heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as motion monitoring and turn alerts that helped the nursing teams prevent falls and pressure ulcers. All of this enabled higher quality, safer and more efficient patient care.” The EarlySense system provides early detection of patient deterioration by continuously monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate and motion – without ever touching the patient.

Clinicians using the system can proactively respond to the earliest indications of patient deterioration or safety risk to prevent adverse events and ICU escalations. “As the EarlySense system is on call 24/7 and alerts when changes in a patient’s parameters are detected, it is a tool for medical teams to proactively respond to early warning signs. Early detection and intervention is clinically proven to increaseeffectiveness, reduce cost of care and avoid preventable deteriorations and never events which may lead to ICU escalation. ICU beds are several times more costly than general floor beds.

By helping medical teams to avert such situations, not only does quality of patient care improve, but hospitals are also able to save unnecessary costs,” said Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense. Mr. Halperin continued, “We are very proud to have conducted this landmark study with Dignity Health and with the active academic support of the Harvard affiliated Center of Patient Safety Research and Practice.We are also quite pleased that the data will be presented at ATS. This marks the first time that clinical results, relating to length of stay and improvement in the number of ICU transfers while utilizing the EarlySense system, are to be presented at a major scientific conference. ” About EarlySense EarlySense is bringing to market an innovative technology designed to advance proactive patient care and enable better patient outcomes.

The company’s flagship product is an automatic, continuous, contact-free, patient monitoring system that monitors and documents a patient’s vital signs and movement. There are no leads or cuffs to connect to the patient, who has complete freedom of movement and is not burdened by any irritating attachments. The system is currently installed at hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the USA and Europe. It is also commercially available in Canada.EarlySense Inc. is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

For additional information, please visit: www. earlysense. com Follow us on twitter at https://twitter. com/#! /EarlySense1 Contacts View as multi-pages TOPICS IN THIS DOCUMENT Clinical trial, Finger, Health care, Health care provider, Illness, Medicine, Oxygen saturation, Patient RELATED DOCUMENTS Health Care Utilization ..

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