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One of the most controversial subjects in the news today is health care.

The problem is not that the doctors can’t cure all of their patients, but it’s about how costly it is to cure all of these patients. The cost of helping these patients is paid for through Obama’s new national health care, which people’s taxes pay for. However, these taxes are sometimes not afforded by a certain majority of people.

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This makes matters even worse because all the procedures performed on these non-paying patients are paid for through the tax dollars of the working or insured people who are also gradually experiencing substantially higher taxes.This raises many questions where do the millions of uninsured Americans go for medical services? Why is it that someone who makes more money than someone else be forced to pay for them? Is that not a form of discrimination towards the upper middle class and tax paying citizens? Or perhaps is there a way to help these uninsured citizens by offering an affordable plan? Many would agree that things need to change in order for insured Americans to find a boundary where they wouldn’t have to pay such high taxes for uninsured Americans, while providing for a new way that those uninsured can still manage to get those medical services that they need.Health care technology in America is possibly the best in the world. America continually strives for more prevention and cures for diseases. The United States has the best medical scientists and doctors working in all vital fields of medicine. Although America has all of the advantages of modern medicine there were still more than 45 million uninsured U. S.

residents to this date and steadily increasing. With that being said, the problem with health care isn’t with curing the patients, but curing the deficit in which it leaves our insured class in paying for those uninsured Americans who can’t afford the price of it.Many families of the working class that make over $200,000 spend enough of it already on things like schooling, food, and personal expenses, especially if they have more than one child. The average family already spends a very high amount on healthcare, of which are for those who are uninsured.

Therefore, a bill needs to be put in affect to lower the cost of health care for those insured, meanwhile getting those uninsured to become insured. This must be done in order to stop the health care costs from sky rocketing. In order to fix this rising problem the rising class ofuninsured people must be taken care of. This health care problem can slowly see improvement if insurance companies do their part and begin to fix this. Yet in the midst of this crisis, some health insurance companies are cynically providing a useless health insurance product to our nation’s uninsured. That is why major national insurers, such as Cigna and Aetna, need to step up and get involved to make up for those companies that are hurting those struggling financially. Cigna and Aetna can do this by offering affordable health insurance to the uninsured by introducing limited-benefits plans.These plans offered for approval to state departments of insurance act as one and show that these health care companies won’t charge more or less than the other.

This will help in getting those uninsured into purchasing a low cost plan that can cut down on the high taxes paid by the working class one step at a time. “We offer them because we believe that in the long run, they provide some level of service for people who would otherwise not be covered and would have a whole host of inconveniences if they were to approach the system uninsured,” Mark T. Bertolini, -Aetna’s head of its regional businesses.Limited benefits plans boast annual coverage caps as low as $1,000, with more common caps ranging from $2,000 to $15,000, and “internal caps” that put further dollar restrictions on specific types of care, such as prescriptions or hospital stays. This compares to regular health insurance plans, which 158 million Americans get through their employers that have either no caps or caps set at $1 million or more. Therefore, this plan may help those uninsured with paying some limited tax fee instead of paying nothing, which will lower what the working class pays because they don’t have to pay as much for them anymore.Another proposition to aid in fixing this health care issue is offering a universal health care system.

This will allow the government to give coverage to the entire population. It is extended to all residents without financial barriers. Most countries that implement this type of health care are aiming to extend health care coverage to as many citizens as possible including those that are very wealthy and those that are very poor. Unlike the United States, most wealthy, industrialized countries, have a universal health care system, with the most successful being Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Universal health care allows patients to find health care even when they cannot afford it. Is this a cheap more affordable healthcare plan, which is lowering the tax amount on working class citizens at the same time? Yes it is, and by doing so will promote the people to realize that this new system will work better and more fluently than what is known as todays current health care plan. Universal health care allows for each citizen to get the coverage they need.

The American citizen needs this plan because of health care becoming increasingly unaffordable for businesses and individuals. This gives doctors a little breathing room also so that they can concentrate on healing the patient rather than on insurance procedures or liabilities. Both of these plans may not only benefit the American citizen for health care sake, but for the economy as well. People will have an easier time starting their own business or working part-time if health insurance is covered and taken care of.Those that now have health care can work and have a little more money in their pocket to take care of other things. Overall, these health care plans will contribute to helping out both the insured and uninsured classes of people. The new health care plans will make health care cheaper for the working class while making it affordable for the uninsured.

This will for once change the rugged system of health care which entailed the uninsured being paid for by the insured. However, now that health care is affordable for those uninsured who couldn’t previously afford, that is what will our nation as a whole.And by creating a plan that improves and makes life easier from the poor to wealthiest classes of citizens living in America. Work Cited http://www. businessinsider. com/best-healthcare-systems-in-the-world-2012-6? op=1 http://www.

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